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Fishing News

Fishing News

This page is a brief  look at  fishing news in North America and the world.

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Fishing News by Region

The United States


There water in the lake!  Any lake in California right now is almost full.  This means launching, boating and fishing are going to be great.  Get to the lake!

Rods are poking up all along the coast and offer the jetties as warm breeze encourage time on the beach.

Mountain streams are full of run off.   Fishing the current amidst unseen rocks is a challenge, but streams and wets should do it in current.  Anything dry and black seems to be working in the pools.

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this logo on fishing newsThe ice is gone! Crappie seem to be hitting everything.  Illinois reports great crappie fishing on bright colored jigs.  The south is reporting good action on bass.  Large minnows seem to be the bait of choice.   Shore fishing, casting and trolling are all successful methods right now.



Big strippers are running off the beaches and at the mouths of rivers in the north east.  Surfcasting with artificials is seeing a lot of action.  Trolling along the tidal shelf is producing.   Bass is not yet open in many places, but crappie is great right now in the lakes.  Pickerel are voracious after the winter.  Yellow seems to be the color, worm like seems to be the form.

The mid-atlantic states report that as water temperature begins to rise, fish are dropping down.  Larger baits and more depth are recommended for success in the ocean.


Check out regional Canadian recreational catch statistics. 


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Take a moment to share your thoughts about this page in the comment section of the home page.  In which region of the country have you fished?  What is your favorite bait when you fish there?

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4 thoughts on “Fishing News

  1. Hi,
    I have relatives actually staying in the west of the States and would be planning to visit them this coming Christmas. Thanks for your advice. Usually when I am actually fishing, I tend to use live worms as it is easy to get from stores! I have not really fish before in the states but I have fished before in Singapore. How do you usually fish?

    1. Hi, Jacob. That’s a good question. I fish all kinds of ways depending on where and when I am fishing and what kind of fish I want to catch. You are right. Worms or live bait, particularly live minnows work very well in most places. I also like to use lures that work on top of the water when I am around logs or weeds. Another favorite of mine is the spoon….. I like red and white spoons or silver. Where you go fishing, stop at a fishing equipment store and ask what the fish are biting. That will help you a lot.

      Keep on Fishin’@


  2. Hey Jim:

    My uncles and my gramps were all fishermen and the lure lore flew thick around me. It was a joy to see this! The best of them all, though, was my aunt Abbie. Mostly she fished from the shore and she knew the best fishing holes.

    I am wondering. What about Hawaii? Your news page doesn’t touch on it.

    1. Thanks for you comment. Good question. For some reason, the sources I use for updates from time to time don’t have anything on Hawaii. I will get something in that part of my site on Hawaii. Thanks!

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