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Keep On Fishin’ – A Life Long Passion

Keep On Fishin’ – A Life Long Passion

  I love fishing and have for as long as I can remember so I keep on fishin’.


    Fishing has taken me from the Arctic to Florida and from coast to coast.  I have enjoyed the challenge of tiny mountain streams and vast oceans.  I have played (and sometimes caught)  tiny bluegills and big blues.  I don’t always have the time to keep fishing’.   For me, the attraction of fishing is being outdoors and near the water.  Trout and eggs for breakfast is very appealing.

I Keep On Fishin’       

     I have hooked trees, rocks, boats, friends, docks, phone lines and birds.   I have lost lots of lures and bought lots of lures.  I have never gotten discouraged on a fishing trip. no matter how much fishing tackle I lost.  My Dad sure did.  He used to say, “Let’s just end the agony all at once and throw the tackle box overboard.”  

 Although I enjoy browsing through fishing equipment in stores, I have realized that the selection and pricing is better online.  Lure Mart provides one site shopping at many fishing equipment retailers.  Online pricing is generally cheaper than in store pricing.  All sales and special discounts are available online.

My Lures         

As a kid, I couldn’t replace the lures I lost so I made my own.  The “Marvelous Macaroni” works on the surface to medium depths.  The “Brass Bomber” is great for trolling  and casting at any depth.  Lure Mart helps me share the process and materials for making these killer lures.  They may not always look beautiful, but they sure work.


 I often use lures differently.  I retrieve diving lures that float on the surface.  The diving tongue gives great action on the surface in still water.  Different environments are better for some lures than for others. I am always reading about fishing, trying new things and talking to every fisherman I can.  I hope you will use the comment section of this site to share your experiences and expertise.   How big was that bass?

We keep fishin'.
                We keep fishin’.


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