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One Man’s Mile -Characters from the North

One Man’s Mile -Characters from the North

Life in the north was a great gift, for my family and myself.  The land and the people are part of me.  One Man’s Mile is about wonderful people from  northern Ontario.

one-mans mile a great gift idea

For most of my adult life, I have lived in isolated parts of northern Ontario and Quebec where fishing is spectacular and winters are cold.   One Man’s Mile is a compilation of stories about Cree people that I knew.  Some I fished with.  All of them gave me advice about catching fish or cooking fish.

One Man’s Mile is a Great Gift

for a person who enjoys fishing, a naturalist, anyone interested in different cultures and anyone interested in a simple lifestyle.

Amazon Cost: $19.50  

Lure Mart Cost:  $15 (free shipping)

My love of the outdoors began when my father built a cabin on a piece of land by a lake.  I have spent some part of every summer there since 1954.  The cabin is old but still standing and completely filled with memories.

chandos-cabin a great gift

 My parents were city people.  They had no experience of the outdoors yet they let me wander the woods and travel the lake to my hearts content.  When I had the chance, as an adult,  to work in isolated parts of northern Ontario, my summer memories pulled at me.

Moving north, I met the Cree people of northern Ontario and Quebec. My time in the north was a great gift.  I did my best to learn their language and fit into their way of life while learning new hunting and fishing skills.  I saw life through a different culture from my own, land based and family centered.

In recent years, relaxing by the lake thinking back, I remember people I knew so well in circumstances that were strange to me.  They accepted me.  They taught me. To honor them, I wrote

One Man’s Mile.

sitting by the lake

Take a moment to write a comment in the comment section below.  Have you known any “characters” that stepped into your life and changed you?


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