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Marvelous Macaroni – Top Water, Medium Depth – Casting

Marvelous Macaroni – Top Water, Medium Depth – Casting

The Marvelous Macaroni is easy and inexpensive to make.  It catches most fresh water fish.

The Marvelous Macaroni

The Marvelous Macaroni can be jigged vertically, retrieved slowly for a swaying action or retrieved quickly with a darting action.  When the tube is bent, the action increases.  Size and weight can be determined by the fishing conditions. You can change the color just by dipping the lure in paint.

Is easy and fun to make!

What You Need

                                         Materials                                                Tools

Plastic Tubing – Size – Your Choice                   Pliers with Cutter

Split Shot – Diameter of Tubing                         Butane Lighter

Heavy Monofilament Fishing Line                         Awl or  Nail

   Treble Hook- Size – Your Choice                Paint – Color- Your Choice

                       Swivel- Size – Your Choice

What You Do

                                                                Tube Lure

  1. Cut a piece of plastic tubing to the desired length.
  2. Dip the tubing in a preferred color of paint and allow to dry.
  3. Cut a piece of heavy monofilament line 6″ longer than the piece of tubing.
  4. Securely tie a treble hook at one end of the line.
  5. Attach split shots to the line, for weight, no longer than tube length.
  6. Slip the line through the tube pulling the split shots into the tube.
  7. Pull the line until the treble hook is about 1/4 inch from the tube end.
  8. Squeeze the open tube and apply heat to melt closed. Don’t melt the line.
  9. Run the line through the swivel and knot.
  10. Cut excess line from the swivel.

What You Do

Squib Lure

  1. Repeat steps #1 – #10.
  2. Heat the tube slightly at the desired spot (s) and bend the tube.
  3. Allow to cool.

Your lure should look something like this.

marvelous-macroni- with leaders


Share your thoughts about this page in the comment section of the home page. Would you use a homemade lure that worked but that didn’t look great?  Have you made lures?  Did you use a kit or make the design and find the materials? 

create something like the marvelous macaroni


for you marvelous macaroni

2 thoughts on “Marvelous Macaroni – Top Water, Medium Depth – Casting

  1. Wow, I never knew you could make your own fishing lures. I guess it makes sense though. Why not?

    This may be a dumb question, but are homemade fishing lures more effective or less effective than ones from the store?

    I’ve gone fishing every now and then, perhaps I should consider making my own fishing lures next time. “Marvelous Macaronis” look quite interesting and fun to make. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my page. I have found that homemade lures are just as effective as store bought except that the ones I make don’t have as many applications as some store bought. I actually taught an outdoor crafts course for awhile and used the marvelous macaroni, a large version, as a walleye pike lure. The two lures on my site are pretty simple to make.


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