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What’s the most important piece of fishing gear?

Is Bait Most Important?

Is Live Bait fishing gear?

animated-go fishing-gearWorms, minnows, frogs, crawfish are great live baits.  Anyone can use live bait.

Live bait is drifted from a boat.  It is floated with a bobber. Fish are almost guaranteed.

Are Lures Most Important?

Lures are an important.  They attract fish.

More aggressive species  hit lures not live bait.

We learn to use lures.  The cast must be accurate.  The lure must be retrieved properly.  The correct lure must be used.  Larger catch larger fish.
Rapala sells fishing gear
Bait is important.  But, is it most important for fishing?

 Can You Fish Without a Rod? 

rod-on-lake is fishing gear

There are rods for every kind of fishing.

 A collapsable rod is great for traveling.  Long rods are good for surf casting. Fly rods are designed to throw line.  They keep soft tension on fighting fish.

Fresh water rods can be light for good action.  They can be heavy for trolling.  A flexible tip is great for casting.  Salt Water rods tend to be heavier for pulling large fish up from deep water.

We needs rods for casting. We need a rods to play fish.  But is the rod the most important tool for fishing?

Is The Reel Most Important?

The reel holds the line that holds the lure.  The reel helps play the fish.

animated-fishing-image-0082 of fishing gearDrag, on a reel, increases the tension on the line.  Different reels give lures different actions.  Larger reels hold heavier line and heavier fish.

Reels store the line without  knots or snags.  Some reels don’t do anything else but store line.  The fisherman plays the fish and adds tension to the line.  Without reels, we would just have spools of line.

reel-fly-2 is fishing gear

But are they the most important piece of fishing gear?

Do We Need Line Most? 

Don’t forget the line.  The line connects us with the fish.  Line can knot, kink, fray, break and stretch.  So, the choice of line is important.

I bought cheap line as a kid.  You know, .99 for 100 miles of 6 lbs test.  It was constantly knotting, but I didn’t care.
Sufix_125x125 is fishing gearNow I am a bit more discerning.  Fishermen want line that won’t fail.

Line is at the heart of any kind of fishing.

Is it the most important factor in a successful fishing trip?

You are Important!

You are important, too.  You use the most expensive tackle correctly.  You pick the best fishing spot.  You play the fish.

 I have fished lakes, in the far north, catching a speckled trout every cast.  People fishing with me caught nothing.  I have been in boats  where I haven’t had a hit, but others caught fish all day.

Know you equipment.  Learn about the water where  fish.  Ask locals about fishing.  Have fun.

Most Important!!

Make sure you have a valid fishing license.  There are times that you don’t need a licenses.  But when you do….. you do.

Remember your license. Display it properly.

Take a moment to leave a comment on the home page.  Do you know all kinds of fishing?  Is there something you want to try?  

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