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Choose rods for where you fish, for the type of fish, for the bait you use.  Choose a rod that you like.


Casting Rods

Casting rods are for exactly that.  They case and retrieve baits.  Usually the bait or lure runs in a straight line.  Extra action is give by jerking the rod and stopping the retrieve.

gear like rods and hooksCasting rods are great for trolling.    They tend to be medium to heavy weight.  The line must be thrown and retrieved straight from the reel because of smaller eyes.

Casting rods are the most practical for jigging in either fresh or salt water.  Casting rods provide more accuracy in the cast itself.

Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are for spinning the line.  With the largest eye just above the reel, the line can move in a full circle.

This rod allows lure motion created by line motion.  Spinner baits are the best choice for this rod.  Any bait will move a bit more with a spinning retrieve.  These rods tend to be more flexible.

Although spin casting can be accurate, it is more difficult because of the wide line motion.


Rod and Reel Combinations

There are two kinds of rod and reel combinations.

One is for kids and beginners.  The reel is attached to the rod for easy casting.  These combos are usually light weight and small or telescoping.

In other combinations, the rod is paired with the correct reel.  These combinations come with a telescoping rod.

 A combination is less expensive that buy rod and reel separately.

The items below represent the major rod styles.  Click a rod or underlined words under a rod to purchase.  Scroll through dozens of choices.  To buy any item, enter that item in the search bar.


surf rods
Graphite Surf rod by Okuma $49.98


rod-daiwa-2 comination rods


Daiwa Saltwater combo, 2 piece, 10 foot rod


Okuma 10 foot, 2 piece surf casting rod


Eagle Claw, Powerlight, Travel Spinning Rod


Eagle Claw, 5 foot 6 inches, Pack – It Telescoping Spinning Rod


Tica Surf 9 ‘ Casting Rod $89.90 To see the whole line of Tica rods click this image.


Fiblink Traveler Baitcasting Rod $39.99 To see all the Fiblink rod’s click on this image.
Shakespeare Ugly Stick 7′ Medium $29.98


Spinning Kit Combo by Plusinno $63.99 To see all the Plusinno combination kits


Sougayilan Telescoping Surf Rod – 11′ 5″ and Kit $44.95


Fiblink 7′ Graphite Rod $29.98


Telescoping Kids Kit by SYL $29.99


Camping World


Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  Which kind of rod do you prefer?  What length rod do you most use?



2 thoughts on “Rods

  1. Thanks for the comment. I must admit that I travel with a collapsible rod and reel combo. I will send over some information about rod cases. I haven’t gotten to them on my site. They will go under the “gear” section of the menu.

  2. I love fishing! I am partial to casting rods. I also love fly fishing. I love to take my kids out fishing. There is nothing better than seeing your kid catch a fish.

    Are there also cases that you recommend for traveling? We are going on a trip this summer and I would love to have a case for both my fishing rods.


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