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Medium Depth Lures

Medium Depth Lures

Medium depth lures are designed to run between 2 and 10 feet deep in any kind water conditions.  They are effective over cover or sandy bottom.  They work best when retrieved at varying speeds.


Medium Depth Lures

2 to 10 feet of water

 The tongue dictates the maximum depth. These lures are the perfect for trolling over bottom cover.

In or Out from Shore

They can be cast from shore toward deep water or cast toward shore from a boat and retrieved from shallow water to deep water.   These baits work well in any water conditions although murky water an hide certain color combinations.


Varying retrieval speed brings the lure close to the surface and then down to its maxum depth.  With either floating or sinking lures, the retrieval should not be completely stopped causing unnatural looking rising or sinking.

Below are examples of the major lure style.  Click any pic for the price and to purchase a lure or to view more lures. To order any other product, type the product into the search bar.

original floating medium depth rapala


Shelt’s Medium Depth Crankbait body

medium depth lures
Feather Tail Jig Set

Jigs can be dropped to any depth and retrieved.  Enough depth is needed for allow for a strike.

Effective in Several Ways

These baits attract strikes for several reasons.  The can irritate a fish hanging in shallow warm water.  They can appear to be lunch to a fish looking for deep to shallow.  They can entice fish with a a jerky retrieve. The type and color chosen will depend on lighting at the time of day and the look of minnows and bait fish in the area.

Share your techniques these lures in the comment section of the home page.  What experiences have you had with these lures?

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