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Salt Water Natural Lures Imitate Live Bait

Salt Water Natural Lures Imitate Live Bait

Salt Water Natural lures are similar to fresh water naturals, but bigger. There are hundreds of salt water natural baits.

Salt Water Natural Lures Retrieved

Salt water Natural lures work best with a fast retrieve.

When fished from a beach or jetty, baits are allowed to settle to the bottom and retrieved quickly. The rod should be jerked during the retrieve to add action.

Natural baits can be either be cast or jigged from an anchored boat.  In either case, the retrieval should be fast and the motion jerky.  As with fresh water naturals, a quick stop in the retrieval will often trigger a hit.  Kelp beds are a great place to cast or jib natural lures.

Natural baits trolled from a boat are irresistible.  They are moving quickly.  The boat wake and waves hit the line creating lots of action at the lure.  The continuous motion imitates the continuous movement of bait fish.

Lots of Natural Bait

Natural lures should match natural bait in the area.  In the ocean, the variety of nature bait  is so great that the style of lure really doesn’t mater.  Imitating local bait fish will get more hits, but in salt water, this isn’t as important as in fresh water.

Try Everything

As you have success with one lure, try another.  Figure out what size, color and style are attracting the most hits.  Chances are any natural lure will work, but you may get more fish with one particular style.  Often, in a party, several people will try different baits until one proves to be the most successful.

The baits below are examples of naturals.  Click a bait to purchase or to scroll to view many other naturals.  Purchase any product by typing that product into the search bar.


Salt water natural lures
Cedar Plug Daisy Chain by Ancient Mariner Tackle
These are salt water natural lures
Salt Water Shad 10 pack by Bass Assassin



These are salt water natural lures.
Sandworm by Berkley
salt water natural lures
Sea Crab by be Berkley




salt water natural lures
Baitball Popper by Live Target
salt water natural lures
Shimpcraw Swim bait by Hisea