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If you use live bait,  harnesses make the bait last and give it more action.


Live Bait Harnesses

Harnesses combine two effective baits ….. spinning lures and live bait.   You will find a few different styles in most tackle boxes.  Live bait means different things to different people.  For the youngster, worms are the best bait ever.  In shallow water over aquatic vegetation frogs entice every species.    Over a rocky bottom, crawfish or helgemits are the live bait of choice.  Still fishing with minnows is a great way to fill your limit.  Some serious large inland game fish enthusiasts will use mice or moles in hopes of attracting record fish.  This piece of equipment is not needed for small bait such as crickets or grasshoppers.

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N3 Bait Harness by Nita Fishing Innovations
N3 Bait Harness by Nita Fishing Innovations


steel leader bait harness – 6 pac by CTR Tackle 


Little Joe Spinner by Lindy Little Joe 
Musky Live Bait Sucker Harness by CTR Tackle


Crawler Harness by Seasons
Crawler Harness by Seasons  

Packaged or Homemade?

This piece of tackle is essentially made up of spinners, heavy monofilament line, swivels and hooks.  Many fisherman still make their own to fit a specific kind and size of bait.  But, the process of making a harness is time consuming.  Most people opt for a package harness that just takes seconds for wrapper to rod.   If you find that you can’t find a harness that fits your application, buy a packaged harness as a pattern and make your own. The benefit of taking the time to make a harness is that you get exacctly the size and style you want.  The difficulty is that loosing a homemade harness means a loss of time.  Personally, I prefer to fish not make tackle.

Take a few moments to leave a comment about this page in the comment section of the home page.  Have you used a live bait harness?  Did you make your own or buy one packaged.  What live bait do you most often use and why?  When do you prefer to use live bait?

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