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Fresh Water

Fresh Water

Lakes, rivers, tiny streams and farm ponds provide accessible inland fishing.  Equipment can be as fancy or simple, expensive or cheap.  Kids to pro anglers can enjoy fresh water fishing.

inland fishing is fun

Fresh Water Fishing 

New or Unfamiliar Water

Inland fishing is fresh water fishing.  There are challenges to catching fish in every type of water.  Fishing in man-made lakes  and farm ponds is certainly different from fishing deep water, spring fed lakes just as fishing in swamps and bayou’s is different from stream or river fishing.  There are tons of articles on Inland  fishing on the internet.

If you are like me, directions aren’t your thing.  Sure, you’re gonna burn out a couple of water heater elements before you get it wired right, but you will get it wired.  Fishing is different.  We all learn by doing, but its so much more fun to learn from someone else experience and just fish.
New Lakes

When you plan to fish unfamiliar water, either a new lake or a new kind of lake such as a manmade lake, read articles and talk to people about fishing that lake.  You’ll spend less time exploring the lake and more time catching fish.

New Streams and Rivers

If you plan to fish a new stream or river, check with locals or fishing literature for where the best access and pools are to be found.   You will catch more and have more fun.
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Guided Inland Fishing

Some of the greatest fishing I have ever experienced was on Mistassini Lake in Quebec, Canada.  Its remote but beautiful with amazing northern pike, walleye, speckled and lake trout.  Cree guides can put you on exactly the species of fish you want to catch.  This lake is approximately 120 miles long and 30 some miles wide.  Its the head waters of the Rupert River for some of the best trout fishing in the world.  Its well worth the trip.

If you are interested in a fishing trip of a lifetime, do some research to check out accessibility, accommodations, fish species and cost of the trip you want to take.  You can enter the name of a lake or outfitter.  There are “ten best sites” for most lakes and regions with reviews online to help you make your decision.

Take a few moments to write about your favorite fishing technique or lure in the comment section below,

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