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Animated Fishing Lures Have Revolutionized Fishing

Animated Fishing Lures Have Revolutionized Fishing

This is an animated fishing lure.

I have been fishing since I was old enough to drop a line, hook and worm off a dock.  For my 10th birthday, my grandparents gave me a metal “BuddyBoy” tackle box with some This is type of animated fishing lurefishing gear in it.  There were sinkers, swivels, bobbers and a few lures.   There was a wooden Rapala with a joint.  It moved like a fish in the water.  Because it floated, I had the fun of jerking it on the surface or pulling it under water depending on how I wanted to fish.  My grandchildren have fished with that same lure.  These days, my grand kids are using animated fishing lures.  Animated fishing lures imitate minnows.  Live minnows cost a lot.  They have to be kept in a minnow bucket in the water.  They can be difficult to get on the line and they don’t last very long.  One jointed lure can last forever as long as I didn’t snag it on a rock.  Today, USB charged animated fishing lures revolutionize fishing fun.

Animated Fishing Lures

Animated fishing lures come in a variety of sizes.  The minis are great for panfish and bass.  Larger sizes attract pike and musky.  Of course, the largest size is for salt water fishing.  There are quite a few colors available for these lures.  So, the lure can imitate whatever kind of bait fish is in the water.

Bobbers with Animated Fishing Lures

these help with animated fishing luresThe joints in animated fishing lures cause the lure to swim in a circle.  All these lures sink so a bobber is a must.  However, no other special equipment is needed.  Bobber size is important.  The bobber keeps the animated fishing lure at the desired depth swimming in a circle.   So, if the lure pulls the bobber under, it will not work.

Recharging Animated Fishing Lures

The larger the lure, the longer the battery life.  This just makes sense as larger lurescan help use animated fishing lures have more space for a larger battery.  The largest animated fishing lure has a battery life of about 4 hours.  The smallest is about 45 minutes.  The batteries recharge with a USB connection so it is important that lures are charged at the beginning of the day.  It’s a good idea to carry a small portable battery charger.

Where to Fish with Animated Fishing Lures

These lures can be fished in either fresh or salt water.  In fresh water, they can be fished in either streams or lakes and ponds.  In salt water, they can be fished shallow or extremely deep, but they cannot be trolled.   Because a bobber is necessary, they are used in still fishing.  It is important to know the depth of water being fished because these lures are relatively expensive.  They can easily be lost to rocks, logs or other submerged structures because they move on their own.

Pros and Cons of Animated Fishing Lures


  1. The movement is realistic.
  2.  They are easy to fish.
  3.  They attract fish.
  4.  Almost any kind of fishing situation works.
  5.  Recharging is easy.


  1. They are more expensive that most other lures.
  2.  They need to be recharged.
  3.  Trolling is not an option.

Because animated fishing lures come in a variety of sizes and colors, they can be used for almost any kind of fishing.  Once in the water, the person using them no longer controls them other than retrieving and playing the fish.  As jointed lures, changed fishing many decades ago, these USB charged animated fishing lures revolutionize fishing today.



12 thoughts on “Animated Fishing Lures Have Revolutionized Fishing

  1. If you are near a body of water, you should give it a try.  It is very relaxing.  Thanks for taking the time to read my article and to comment.


  2. It is amazing how technology has changed things.  It is kind of weird to be “charging” a fishing lure, but it works.  Thanks for your comment.


  3. Aaah, yes.  I used bread balls as a kids. I still use worms once in a while.  It is important to follow directions on how to use this lure so that it isn’t lost in weeds or rocks.  Thanks for your comment.


  4. Well, I don’t know if he will catch fish, but I try to post about what works for me and how it works for me.  Thanks for reading the article and for your comment.


  5. I am giving one to each of my grandkids for their birthday.  It is a great lure as long as it is used correctly so it doesn’t get snagged and lost.  They do come with instructions.  Thanks for taking the time to read the article and comment.  


  6. They would be a great gift.  I am going to be giving them to my grandsons.  Thanks for your comment.


  7. Hello, great article explaining what are animated fishing lures. I can imagine how they are revolutionizing the fishing experience ! I used to watch my uncle fish when I was a kid and it requires lots of patience!! These animated fishing lures seem to be very practical and easy to use. They would make a great gift for any fishing lovers like my uncle!! 

  8. I have not come across animated fishing lures before, and what a brilliant idea it is. The fact that one can recharge the lures with a USB port, means they can be used many times. So although they are more expensive than normal lures, I am sure that one will have a higher success rate of catching a fish. 

    My nephew has his birthday coming up, and his grandfather recently bought him a fishing rod, so an animated fishing lure will make a perfect gift for him. Thank you for sharing this great innovation. 

  9. Many thanks for this valuable detailed post about ANIMATED FISHING LURES. This is really a very important post. My uncle goes fishing a lot. But he complains a lot about not catching fish. I think the post is a very important post for him. He will definitely buy this one. Keep posting like this. I will definitely share this.

  10. Clever idea to use bait that just looks alive like a minnow. I am sure it works out a lot cheaper than buying live bait all the time. This is the first time I have heard of animated fishing lures. We used to go fishing as kids with a loaf of bread or worms. Maybe that explains why we hardly ever caught anything.

    They are pretty pricey but will be a once off purchase unless of course you happen to lose it in a river or a fish does swallow it.

  11. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge about animated fishing lures. It’s fascinating to see how technology has transformed fishing and made it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, including children and grandchildren. The details you provided about the different sizes, colors, and battery life of these lures are helpful for those who are interested in trying them out. I appreciate that you included the pros and cons of using animated fishing lures, which gives a well-rounded perspective. Overall, your article is informative and well-written. Keep up the good work!

  12. I am grateful to you, James. I thought your post was fantastic. The animated fishing lure is a highly novel piece of fishing gear, and I’d like to know whether other lures address the drawbacks. I have never gone fishing before, but in your post, you explained fishing so effectively that I felt as if I had done it previously. Thanks again 

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