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Top Water Lures

Top Water Lures

Top water lures are fun and exciting because you can see all the action.

 Fishing Top Water Lures

Fishing These Baits.

 Top water lures are most fun on flat water, but chop can make them appear more natural.  Some diving lures that float make great top water lures with a slow, jerky retrieve keeping them on the surface.  Stop and start jerky retrieves are best.

These baits can be fished day or night because of the vibrations they create.  Generally, top water baits work best over cover in less than 6 feet of water.  If two or three casts to a spot don’t create a hit, its best to throw the lure to another spot.  If a fish strikes, but misses the lure, a cast in the same spot will usually create a second hit.

Quiet is the best approach when fishing top water baits because of the shallow water.

Rigging these Baits

Top water lures, like other artificial baits, must be clean when fished.  A small swivel can be used to keep the line from twisting.   Leaders should not be used because they change the action of the bait.  The most successful rig with be line to lure.  Unless the fish is really big, a strike on this kind of bait will not cut your line.

The darker the day, the brighter the bait.  The more calm the water the more active the bait.

Top Water Bait Axioms

  1.  The darker the day the brighter the bait.
  2.  The more calm the water, the more active the lure.
  3.  Cover means strikes.
  4.  Four casts and move.

Click a pic to find the price or purchase the lure.

These are top water lures.
Soft Mouse by Lowpricenice


These are top water lures.
Pompador Topwater Lure by Jackal 



These are top water lures.
Pad Crawler by Booyah.

Rebel 3 Pack PopR. 


These are top water lures.
Crusader by Tyrant

top water lures.
Pop – R by Rebel


Floating Minnow by Rapala

Killer Pack – 2 Jitterbugs & 1 Popper by Arbogast 

These lures are typical of the various kinds of top water baits.  Click on a lure to purchase or to scroll down  to see dozens of top water baits. Type any item into the search bar to purchase that item.

Share your thoughts about this page or your top water fishing techniques in the comment section of below.

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