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Best Lure Ever – Al’s Gold Fish

Best Lure Ever – Al’s Gold Fish

When I was a kid, Al’s Goldfish, the best lure ever, was free with the can of shaving cream my Dad bought.  I can’t remember the brand of shaving cream, but I got the best lure ever with every can he bought.  The lure was bright gold metal with a slight bend upward in the center.  It had a treble hook.  The was a simple eye to attach line.  The lure was light, but it seemed to catch every kind of fish in the lake.

Fishing the Best Lure Ever

Casting the Best Lure Ever from the Shor

The Goldfish was light so it rarely got snagged when I cast from shore. A count to 3 was enough to get the lure to the depth I wanted.  The light weight of the lure plus the shape of the body caused the lure to almost float down. The slight bend in the Gold Fish created a wobble as it was retrieved.  I always tried to figure out ways to maintain that wobble no matter how I fished the Gold Fish.   I attached the lure directly to the line most of the time using a loop through the eye and around the body.  Sometimes I added a very tiny swivel if I thought I would be switching lures.

Trolling with the Best Lure Ever

Trolling was a different matter because the goldfish was so light.  I would add spit shots about a foot to 2splits shots help the best lure ever troll well feet about the lure until it trolled at the depth I wanted.

Adding steel leaders for fish like pike, walleye and muskies meant adding action while trolling.  I would quickly pull my rod tip forward and let it slip back.  I did this frequently in consistent intervals.  The forward motion of trolling with the drop as tension was taken off the line allowed the lure to do its signature wobble.

Species Attract to the Best Lure Ever

I caught this with the best lure ever.I have never tried the Gold Fish in salt water.  In fresh water, whether streams, ponds or large lakes, I have caught every species I have fished for with this lure.  That is why I call it the best lure ever.  Letting the lure drift for pools and through in rivers, I have caught lots of trout.   Casting from shore, I have caught panfish, perch and even cat fish.  Off docks I have caught walleye and bass.  Trolling, when the lure is rigged right, I have caught bass, chain pickerel, walleyes, northern pike, lake trout and even a small muskie.

If you are stocking up on lures for the spring and summer, make sure you pick up several of the best lures ever.  The gold fish is a spoon.  Now there are various colors and sizes.  I still stick to the original gold fish which I think is the best lure ever.

12 thoughts on “Best Lure Ever – Al’s Gold Fish

  1. Fishing is a lot more fun when you catch something.  Thanks for reading the article and commenting.


  2. I think you would have success with any kind of fish with a Goldfish.  If you can find an original, give it a try.  Thanks for your comment.


  3. There are hundreds of different lure designs.  For the most part, I stick to lures that I have had success with.  Thanks for taking the time to read the article and leave a comment.


  4. I have used Al’s Goldfish since I was about 10 years old.  I have caught every kind of fresh water fishing in north America I think from panfish to bottom feeding sturgeon with that little lure.  Find an original and you will have a lot of fun.  Thanks for reading the article and commenting.


  5. It’s one of those lures that companies imitate, but if you can find an original, it works the best.  Thanks for commenting. Happy fishing to you, as well.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience with Als’ Goldfish lure. As someone who’s always looking for new and effective fishing lures, this post has been a great resource. I appreciate the detailed description of the lure’s design, action, and versatility, as well as the tips on how to use it effectively. The fact that it’s handmade in the USA and has been a trusted favorite among anglers for over 60 years speaks to its quality and effectiveness. Your personal success stories with the lure are also inspiring and make me eager to try it out for myself. Keep up the great work, and happy fishing!

  7. Hey James! I just stumbled upon your article on Al’s Gold Fish lures, and I have to say it’s quite the catch! As someone who’s relatively new to the world of fishing, I’ve been trying to find the right lure to reel in some good times. I mean, there’s a whole sea of options out there, right? So, I was just swimming around the internet, and bam! Your article just hooked me in!

    I’m really intrigued by the history of Al’s Gold Fish lure. Who knew a simple lure could have such an interesting backstory? It’s amazing to think that it’s been around for over 70 years! It must be doing something right to reel in fish for all those decades, huh?

    One thing I’m curious about: have you ever tried using Al’s Gold Fish lures yourself? If so, what kind of fish did you catch, and how did it compare to other lures you’ve used? I’d love to hear about your personal experiences with it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line (pun absolutely intended) and say thanks for sharing this article. It’s really given me something to think about, and I might just give these little golden wonders a try next time I’m out on the water. Keep up the great work, James! Tight lines!

  8. Although I haven’t gone fishing for a long time I have a friend who is an avid fisherman and every time we meet he shows off his lures to me. It is amazing how many different shapes and designs there are an each one is serving a different purpose. I can see why people love this hobby and knowing your lures surely is a job by itself.

  9. Remarkably, it sounds like the shaving cream should be front and center of this story for giving you a FREE fishing lure that is the best lure ever. 

    I liked this article! You seem to have caught many fish using this lure and I’d hate to see what if you ever lost one in your experiences with it. 

    I like fishing. I’ve never found the “best lure” for me, but I’d be willing to bet if I had one of those, I’d still get skunked! 

  10. Thank you for sharing your experience with Al’s Goldfish lure! It’s fascinating to hear about how effective this lure has been for you in catching various types of fish in different freshwater environments. Your detailed description of how you use the lure for both casting and trolling is very informative, and I’m sure it will be helpful for other fishing enthusiasts who are interested in trying out this lure.

    It’s also interesting to hear that the lure was originally a free gift with a can of shaving cream. It just goes to show that sometimes the best things in life can come from unexpected sources.

    Overall, your post is a great example of how a simple yet effective fishing lure can make a huge difference in catching fish. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us! 

  11. I have used the lure in streams, lakes, deep water and in shallows.  I have never fished it in salt water.  Thanks for commenting.


  12. As someone who enjoys fishing, I found your article on the best lure ever, Al’s Goldfish, to be very interesting and informative. Your review of this classic lure, including its design, construction, and performance, provided valuable insights into what makes this lure so effective and popular among anglers.

    One question I have is whether there are any specific tips or techniques that you would recommend for using Al’s Goldfish lure effectively. For example, are there any particular types of water or fishing conditions where this lure is particularly effective, or any specific ways to use the lure to attract different types of fish?

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