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Vintage Lures – Memory Makers

Vintage Lures – Memory Makers

Vintage fishing lures can carry us back to that special fishing trip with Grandpa or the time the anchor somehow dropped out of Dad’s boat.

Vintage Fishing Lures

Vintage Lures are Collectible  

Vintage lures are collectible.  They are effective.  They  bring  back memories of a special fish or that time with Grandpa.  

Buy vintage fishing lures here.

Vintage Lures are Effective

The action of wooden  lures was better than their modern replicas.  Shaped wood just had better action whether on the surface or worked under the water.  It can be difficult to find Vintage Lures in the run of the mill bait shop.   Online sites, dedicated to vintage lures, carry dozens all the familiar patterns.

Click on any pic to find the price and purchase the item.  To purchase a different item, enter what you are looking for in the search bar.

My First Lure

My first lure was a small, yellow tiny crazy crawler… the little bee with metal wings vintage Lures - fishing equipmentthat spun in the water.  

I found the lure on the beach and put it on my line. I took one cast.  A bass hit that lure immediately.  Its always been my favorite.

Old Lure – New Technique

I never use old rapalas with a fast retrieval because they float.   I retrieve them slowly on the surface.   The tongue jiggles the lure.  The lure leaveslots of wake.   A quick tug pulls the lure under water.  It bounces right back to the surface.   I have caught many fish with an old rapala I found on a cabin shelf.

old spinners are vintage lures


This is a vintage fishing lure
Frog Popper by Heddon $ 16.95


Vintage soft body lure by Generic $36.95
Large Vintage Red & White $32.95


hand-painted wobbler by Rapala $8.50

These are vintage lures.
Bass Killer Kit by Mepps $31.02



Vintage Wooden Lure $4.97

Vintage spoon $7.25 by



Vintage Jitterbug from Genric $11.00

Great Coffee Table Book $9.19

Great Book to Show Vintage Fishing Lures $24.18
Outstanding Series if You are an Avid Lure Collector $30.00

Take a few moments to write about your experience with vintage lures in the comment section of the home page.  A few vintage lure links will be added to this page in the days ahead.  Have fun fishing!











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