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Bait Rigs – Live Bait Salt Water Rigs Work

Bait Rigs – Live Bait Salt Water Rigs Work

Bait Rigs are a must for salt water fishing.  Still fishing off the side of a boat or from a jetty or trolling with some speed, fish take bait before lures.

 Salt Water Bait Rigs

Similar to Fresh Water Rigs

Salt water bait rigs are fished basically the same as fresh water rigs.  They are larger, heavier and harder to manage when casting.   From a jetty or pier, floats may prevent tangles and lost bait when casting.   Many styles of rigs work best when fished straight down.

Rig Size and Weight

Live bait for salt water wishing is large and usually active.  Harness should allow bait to move without tangling leader, weight and hook.  Fresh bait must be presented properly.  Rigs can prevent tangling while causing the bait to move simulating live action.


Regulations should be checked for the maximum number of hooks allowed per line.  Where size is an issue, larger rigs and hooks can decrease taking undersized fish.  Always know and respite, take size and limit.

The harnesses below are styles of salt water rigs for bait fishing.  Click on an image to purchase or to scroll through other harness.  To purchase any product, type that product into the search bar.

These are bait rigs.
Sabiki bait rig by Jasmine
These are bait rigs.
Bait trolling Rig by C &H

These are bait rigs.
sabiki rigs 10 pack by Jasmine
These are bait rigs.
Multi Swimming Rig by Bomber Lures

These are bait rigs.
Bait Float Rig by Tide
These are bait rigs.
Fish Wire Leader 5 pack by Lucky Order

These are bait rigs.
Blue Fin Rig by Tide

Take a moment to share your thoughts about this page in the comment section of the home page.  Have you used bait rigs in salt water?  What kind of live bait have you used?  Do you prefer live bait to artificial baits?


Have time to use bait rigs.




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