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Crank Baits, Spinners, Spoons

Crank Baits, Spinners, Spoons


Crank baits, spinners and spoons are lures for casting and trolling.

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Spinners, Crank Baits, Spoons – When/Where


These lures attract attention as they flash.  A jerky retrieval accentuates their action.   They are particularly potent in fast and murky water when the action of other lures is ineffective.

Click either spinner to hundreds of spinner baits, combos and prices.

Rooster Tails are crank baits.
Original Rooster Tail Spinner by Yakima Bait    




Spinners are a types of crank baits.
Trout Spinner by Panther Martin 

Crank Baits

Crank Baits are for just what the name states.  They are retrieved quickly.  Crank Baits work best in in clear water with a minimum amount of weeds.  They are particularly effective over cover.  There are dozens of crank baits.

Click one of the 3 pictures to see crank baits, combos and prices.

These are crank baits.
Pond Magic By Booyah


These are crank baits.
Scatter Rap Crank Lure by Rapala


This diver is a crank bait.
Square Bill  by Strike King



Spoons come in a wide variety of sizes, weights and shapes.  They work in any kind of water conditions.  They are particularly effective in fast water because current accentuates their action without tangling the line and hook.  Weedless spoons work over weeds.  Spoons wobble.

Click on any spoon to see the huge variety of spoons, combos and prices.

Top Concept 35 piece metal spoon set.
Not Crank baits
Moosehead Wobbler by Moosehead 


Crank baits for weeds.
Berkley-Johnson Weedless Gold Minnow Spoon



Take a moment to leave a comment below.  Do you use spinners or crank baits?

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