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Fishing reels come in dozens of styles, colors and sizes.

Which Reels

Your reel is the most important part of your tackle.  Any reel will pull in a fish.  Better quality means better movement.  Smaller reels are for smaller fish.  Smaller reels can be fun.  They demand more play.  Larger reels hold heavier line.  Choose the reel for where you fish.  Medium size reels are the most practical.  Its good to have both a bait casting and spinning reel.  A spare reel comes in handy.


Fresh/Saltwater Reel by Topixdeals $11.98
Baitcasting Reel Fresh/Saltwater by Poseidon $49.98
Fresh/Saltwater reel by Sougayilang
Low Profile Fresh/Saltwater Baitcaster by Entsport $41.99
Interchangeable,collapsible handle reel by Rose Kuli  $20.99
Low Profile Fresh/Saltwater bait casting by Febway $36.98
High Speed Reel by TayaOEM $32.00
Close faced reels by Freehawk $8.99
Fresh Water Reel by Pisci Fun $30
Fresh/Salt Water Bait Caster by Febway $90
Collaspsible Handle Fresh/Salt Water  Reel by Freehawk $21.99
Baitcasting Reel by Sougayilang $65
Fresh/Saltwater Reel by Hengjia $12.89
Baitcasting Reel Fresh/Saltwater by Leading Tech $46.99
Casting King by Poseidon $32.50
Bait casting Reel by Toptech  $22.00
Interchangeable Collapsible Handle Saltwater Reel by Ancheer $28.99


Shakespeare Spin Casting Reel by Pure Fishing $15.08

Goswet Interchangeable Fresh/Saltwater Reel $13.99
Shakespeare Spin Casting Reel – $9.99
Shakespeare Spin Casting Reel $16.79

Bait Casting

Bait casting reels cast and wind.  Because the wind is straight, the bait moves in a straight line.These reels are great with crank baits.  They are also work for still fishing.  Jigging and live bait fish are easy with a bait casting reel.  This reel is preferred for large fish because of the direct pull onto the spool.


Spinning reels do just that.  They spin the line.  They can be used for any lure or bait.  Swivels are a must with this reel.  Line is pulled by a bale.  Less force can be applied to to fighting a fish with this kind of reel.  Drag is important with this reel.  A larger fish can easier break the line when drag is too tight.

Closed Face

A closed face reel combines the features of both a spinning and bait casting reel.  A bale winds the line on a spool.  The spin is slight because the bale winds directly onto the reel.  The line is cast through the casing.  A closed face reel uses the same hand action as a bait casting reel.  Its a good reel for children because tangles are eliminated.

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