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Every tackle box should have natural lures.  Live bait spoils. Naturals catch fish but don’t smell.

 Natural Lures- Lifelike, Durable

Naturals are lifelike and durable.  There are hundreds of jigs that mimic the movements of frys when retrieve with a jerking motion or jigged from the bottom.  The soft materials keeps the fish from spitting the lure after striking.  When live bait is no longer moving or torn apart, naturals keep working.

Natural Lures – All Water Conditions

Naturals depend on action and look to attract fish.  Scents can be added.  Because  three senses are used to attract fish, naturals can be used in any water condition.  In murky water, attraction attracts and look catches.  In clear water, the look attracts fish while the action drives them crazy.  Lures should be match the bait living in the water.  Depth and water condition is not as important as a natural look.    Bait can be identified by walking the shore.

Patient Experimenting

It takes time to identify exactly the right natural bait.  Fishing may be slow.  Patiently changing baits until fish begin to hit can pay off.   Some naturals like frogs or worms work anywhere, but color choice is important.  Keep trying.

Keep Retrieving

Naturals cannot be left to sit on the bottom or drift at a random depth.  Experimenting with retrieval, once the right bait is found, can improve results. One day, a lure bounced off the bottom will be dynamite.  The next day, the same lure at the same place, retrieving the bait the with quick stops may work.

Here are examples of the major styles of naturals.  Click a pic for the price or to purchase  a bait. Scroll down to view more lures. To find any other product, type the product into the search bar.


shrimp are natural lures
Shrimp Sink Lure by Okuma Fishing Tackle

Squid are natural lures
Rigged Squid Lure 4 pack by Eat My Tackle


Mullets are natural lures.
swimming mullet by Berkely

Tube baits look like natural lures.
coffee tube bait by Strike King
Berkley Shrimp are Natural Lures.
Shrimp by Berkley


Shad are natural lures.
Bass Assassin Shad 10 pack

These are natural lures.
Sashimi Squid by Yo-Zuri


These minnows are natural lures.
Manhattan Fishing Lures by Mann’s

These are natural lures.
Natural Fishing Lure Baits by Batter Elec

Worms are natural lures.
Floating Worm by Gambler 12 pack

These are natural lures.
Worm Minnow by Yoshi Kawa 8 pack

Grubs are natural lures.
Twist Tail Grubs by Catch More 20 pack

Worms are natural lures.
Red Plastic Worms by Culprit 18 pack

Share you thoughts about this page in the comment section of the home page. Do you use natural lures?  Which natural bait is your favorite?  

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