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New Ice Fishing Gear 2021 Needed

New Ice Fishing Gear 2021 Needed

Halloween decoration have been in stores for two months.  Thanksgiving decorations are up.  This means that its time to start thinking about ice fishing and new ice fishing gear.

Ice Fishing Tip-up Rigs

Traditional Rigs

If you need one, you need 3.  Don’t exceed the rod limit.  These tips ups are basic but keep.  With a hit, they  new ice fishing gear includes tip-upsspool out line until you get to them.  You even get a minnow net.  Add a little bell to the arm so you don’t have to watch.  Tip-ups are as old as forever.  They’re simple and effective.  Just cut the hole in the ice and place the rig.


To purchase an item, click on the image.  Find items using the search bar that opens.


Thermal Rigs

Thermal Tip-Up Rigs protect the arm and line link from the extreme cold.  This one covers a 10″ hole.   This can be part of your new ice fishing gearWith thermal or traditional. you have to lift the tip-up to pull in the fish.  Its a little bit more difficult to check your bait with a thermal because you just can’t pull the line.  With the wooden center post, its a little more difficult to lift.  Many people say the the wind can’t move a thermal rig.  They are neat, but too complex for me.  I have fished a lot in the sub-attic and never had a traditional tip-up fail.  Lots of people are switching to this modern rig.


Ice Fishing Railold new ice fishing gear

If you have been ice fishing for a long time, you might want to use one of these again.  About 60 years ago, my father-in-law made his own ice fishing rail after he saw one in a sporting goods store.  I inherited two from him and used them for years.  They go over a huge hole.   The ice does not have to be flat for them to function.  Because the flag is released only when the spool turns, there are very few false alerts.  These are cumbersome to carry.  The flag release does need to be clear of ice.  You may need an ice fishing rail as part of your new ice fishing gear 2020.

Rod Holder Tip-up

a rod and holder are important new ice fishing equipmentIf you are like me, you like to play fish with a rod.  For ice fishing I like an an ultra light is a nice piece of new ice fishing gearultra light, but any rod will do.  If I am jigging, I have to hold the rod.  Just waiting, I set the rod down.  Before, I always propped my rod on a forked stick so I could see movement.  Now there’s a tip-up rod holder that does it all.  You can easily grab your rod to play the fish.  No hand over hand reeling.  I think its more fun to land a fish through the ice with a rod than by just pulling line.

Ice Fishing Gloves

gloves are new ice fishing gearWhen I started ice fishing, I wore regular gloves.  If I had a bit, the gloves came off.  My hands froze.  There are lots of styles of ice fishing gloves that are water proof.   If you don’t intend to completely soak your hands, water resistance gloves work well.  There are three finger pairs for added warmth.  Pull-back mittens make baiting a hook easy without taking off your gloves.  Cold hands can ruin a fishing trip.  A pair fishing gloves is a good idea.

Ice Fishing Footwear

Boots are important new ice fishing equipmentIf you are ice fishing, you are standing on ice or snow covered ice.  You need warm Cleats can be new fishing  Sorel makes a heavy, insulated boot great for hiking through snow.  You will also be comfortable standing around on the ice waiting for a hit.  They are great for slogging through mud that’s not too deep.    Even wearing heavy warm, water pants, falling on the ice can hurt and soak you.  If you are walking on flat ice, you might want to wear cleats.  There are different harnesses, latches, grips and materials.  Cleats are easy to carry in a back pack.  They are inexpensive.  Why not carry a pair just in case?

Other Things You Need

Ice Auger

new fishing equipment choiceYou need an ice auger to cut the ice.  There are lots of power augers.  Many people think power Get this with new ice fishing gearaugers are too heavy and noisy.  People often carry hand augers in case the power auger fails.  Power augers make things a lot easier once you’re on the ice.  I have always used an ice chisel.  Its a bit of work, but there is no chance of getting gas or oil in the fishing hole.  They are easy to carry and don’t break down.  But, without a wrist strap, they do shoot out of sight in a hole pretty quickly.  A hand auger is light but bulky to carry.  They do a great job cutting through the ice once the hole is started.

Slush Scoop

A scoop should be in your new ice fishing equipmentKeeping your ice fishing hole slush free is important.  When you think of new ice fishing equipment, you need to think slush scoop.  There are plastic scoops and metal scoops.  Personally, I like to use a completely metal ladle with about a 10-12″ metal scoop.  Because slush and ice can be heavy, a sturdy handle is best.

Folding Chair

This is good piece of new ice fishing equipmentYou can sit on a tackle box.  A log is a good idea.  I started carrying a light folding chair made of clothes to be comfortable.  It straps on top of a back pack and is not affected by cold, water or snow.

This is the basic new ice fishing gear you should consider  when you are thinking of new ice fishing 2020.  Make a check list of everything you want to take for a day on the ice, now.  Add to it when you think of something.  Hopefully, you won’t out on the ice and realize you forgot something.

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Impact of the COVID 19 Changed Fishing

Impact of the COVID 19 Changed Fishing

I fish throughout the year.  Each month offers a different species in a different place.  I usually have my boat serviced in February.   For me at least, the impact of COVID 19 changed fishing this year.

The Impact of COVID 19 Changed my Summer

My boat is where I parked it after my last fishing trip in early February.  My motor home is right in front of the boat.  That hasn’t been moved since late November.  I should tell you that my wife won’t let me take the boat out by myself anymore, now that I am old.  With COVID 19 around, it was tough to find someone to fish with.  The impact of COV19 changed my summer.  We had planned to camp in several different parks.  Instead, we stayed home.  I had hoped to spend the summer fishing on a lake in Southern California.  I stayed home.  I did prepare for fishing next year.

With the Impact of COVID 19 Limiting Fishing

I repair lures.

Although modern lures are fairly inexpensive, I use older models as much as I can.  This means that impact of CPVid19paint chips over the years.  Swivels bend.  Treble hooks loose their points.  So this summer, when I couldn’t fish, I repaired lures.  I need to use a fly tying mirror now.  The work is tiny but I enjoy it.  I replace the split rings at the head of the lure and at the tail.  If paint is chipped, I touch it up.  Sometimes, even the depth planes on the lures need to be straightened or sanded.  When I find a lure that works, I stick with it.  Most of the old lures I have are balanced better than new models. So I repair then.

I replace line.

impact of COVID 19
8 lb. Trilene

As much as I love fishing, I love saving money more.  I am one of those people who buy 300 miles of monofilament line for $2.  Its a pain when it kinks, but its cheap.  Because its cheap, I change out all the line on my reels every year.  I place a fair bit of heavy clothe line on the real first and then fill the spool.  I use 6, 8 and 10 pound test depending on the rod and reel.  I have weighted line for trolling.  That doesn’t get changed every often.  I have some 4 pound line that I use on micro tackle for fun with small trout.  This is also changed every year.  I simply pound a 8 inch nail into a board, set the spool on the nail and wind away.  Tension is kept on the line just before the reel so the spool is tight.  If you’re not fishing, you can do this watching others fish on TV.

I tune up my reels.

Impact pf covid 19
AbuGarcia TuneUP Kit

Reels end up in the drink from time to time.  They are hauled around through brush, mud, dust and sand.  Nuts loosen.  Bails can be misshapen.  Brakes don’t brake.  The reel can sound like a coffee grinder.  Line can be spun around the spindle and choke the reel.  Reels are simple to tune up.  Remove the drag nut.  Then lift away the spool. You can now see the entire reel.  The break should have tension on it.  The spindle that the spool rides on should be free from line and slightly greased.  The body of the reel where the spool seats should be clean of grit, twigs, goop and old grease.  A rag soaked in some forn of grease cutter will clean all the parts. Then 3 in one oil or light sewing machine oil can be applied to the spindle and other move parts.  When all the nuts are tight and the reel is back together, your tune up is finished.

I fix my rods.

Impact of Covid 19
fDWLifeRod Repair Kit

I hat to admit it but sometimes I break a rod tip.  The odd time a line guide will get pulled of flattened. If I like the feel of a rod, I would rather repair it that put it aside.  If a few inches of the rod has been broken, in my opinion its junk because the balance for casting is gone.  But often, just the tip is broken.  Then, its a matter of getting the right tip and the proper glue to repair the rod. The glue is heated and spread over the rod tip.  Right away, the new rod tip is slipped on and left to harden.  Its important to make sure that the eye on the tip is the right position.  Similar kits can be found to repair line guides.  They are a bit more tricky to install but kits made for that purpose help.  Eyes certainly can be glued on, but for a permanent, better looking job, guides added with thread and lacquer are the best.

I Check Other Equipment

the impact of COV10
First Alarm Mrine Extinquisher

While the Impact of COV19 has curtailed fishing, I figure I might as well check all my equipment.  I check some superficial things on the boat, but generally take it to a marina for an annual overhaul. I make sure the bilge pump works. I check the running lights.  I check the blower.  Even the fire extinquisher is checked.  Ropes need to be checked and wrapped.  Boat Bumpers need to be clean with new harness.  Life jackets should be washed and free from mildew.  Everything related to fishing can be checked when there is no fishing.  I even clean my anchor,

I Clean My Tackle Box

impact of COVID19
KastKing Tackle Bag

From old gum wrappers to petrified worms to spilled split shots, my tackle box is a mess at the end of every season.  I had started using a cloth bag with plastic inserts for each type of take I hve.  This makes it pretty easy to clean.  There is little work, when starting to fish, to have line wrapped through 5 or 6 lures with a hook on one end stuff in the bag.  These things can be fix before the season or because of the impact of COV19.


For many of us, this summer has been disappoint because the impact of COV19 prevented us from fishing.  I passed the time working on my equipment.  It was fun.  I feel ready for the winter season.  Who know, even a little less pressure on the fish because of the impact of COV19 might make fishing better in the future.

I Recuperate.

After a full day fishing or a day just working on my equipment, my joints ache. I want to relax but sometimes ache so much I can’t.  I have started rubbing CBD on my fingers and elbows for almost instant relief.  If I want to keep on work I can.  Give this a try.  Its full spectrum CBD extracted from USA grown hemp.  I cures what ails ya.






Downrigger Review Choose Fresh or Saltwater – They’re all fun.

Downrigger Review Choose Fresh or Saltwater – They’re all fun.

This guy needs a lot of things…. a bigger boat, a plan, a lifejacket and a downrigger just to name a few.  We all have our favorite fishing equipment brands.  Usually, they become our favorites by trial and error.  It’s helpful when someone tells us about a great product or when we read about something new.  Then all we have to do is give it a try.  This is no less true for something as common as downriggers.

Downrigger Review

This guy could have used a down rigger.

Cannon Downriggers

The biggest name in downriggers is Canon.  They make equipment for every size boat and every level of fishing experience.  The electric downriggers require an additional element of expertise. All the Cannon downriggers are rated for salt-water.

Cannon Mini Troll Downrigger

A manual downrigger is easy to use.

This is perhaps the smallest of the downriggers easily attached to the gunwale of a small boat.  It holds up to 150 of light steel line.  The clamp expands to 2 1/2 inches.  The reel is horizontal.

The mini-troll is exactly what the guy in the video needed for his canoe.


Pros  ………Inexpensive……….Lightweight…….Sturdy …….. goo for small canoes…..Easy to install

Cons……….Not useful on larger boats………Not useful in deep water

If you are looking for a rig for your canoe or small boat, the Mini-Troller may be perfect for you.  There are other manual downriggers offered by Canon.

Cannon Downrigger Kit

This downrigger kit contains everything you need.

The next step up in the manual downrigger series is the Uni-Troll.  This rig can be bought separately or in a kit.  The mount is easy but permanent.  In this model, there is a rod holder.  The kit comes with what is shown.  Although the 3 items are not particularly expensive in themselves, it is nice to purchase the bunch knowing that they will all work together.  The knock-off is pretty universal, but with the kit, you will have one.


Pro………Everything included but your bait ………Inexpensive………Sturdy

Cons ….. There aren’t any cons if you want a manual downrigger and related tackle.

Cannon Magnum Electric Series 

The electric downrigger adds accuracy.

Canon has a series of electric downriggers that vary in size and price.  This model is the least expensive of the magnum series.  This has a built in rod holder and all electric release and retrieve.  It has a permanent mount base.  It is as easy to hook into your boats electrical system as your fish finder. The Magnum series has models that provide for two rod holders.


Pros……Easy to use……..Easy to install…….Sturdy……..Large capacity reel….. electric

Cons……..Installation is permanent…….Higher cost…….Difficult to use manual override

This entire series is durable and easy to use.  I am, as they say, old school.  With the exception of my fish finder, I don’t use too many electronics because they become oversized sinkers with any loss of power.

Scotty Downriggers

Scotty offers an entire series of downriggers.  There is a model for almost every fishing application.  Generally, these units are lighter yet a bit more cumbersome to use than the Cannon models.  Durability may be a weakness.


This is a basic manual downrigger.

This lightweight downrigger clamps easily to the gunwale of a small boat.   There is no rod holder so a second piece of equipment would need to be added for the rod unless it is being held.  The horizonal reel can make retrieval a bit awkward, but the action is smooth with a manual drag system.  The rod length is adequate to keep bait off a small boat but will not work on a larger craft.


Pros….. inexpensive….. removable…. fully manual.

Cons……fully manual…. awkward reeling position…. very lightweight

This is certainly an adequate rig for a light boat or canoe used from time to time for a bit of trolling relaxation.

Depth King 

This downrigger has a rod holder.

The Depth King is an upgraded model of the Scotty Lake Troller featuring a rod holder and a permanent mounting system.  The rod is extendable.  This manual system is good for any sized boat, but the reel capacity is limited.


Pros….. Inexpensive….. sturdy mount….. rod holder….. telescoping rod

Cons……limited reel capacity….. awkward retrieval system

This manual upgrade is a good buy for the “sometimes”.  It is easily attached to any boat.  The rod holder means just one piece of equipment.  It also means less movement for a strike.

High Performance Electric


This is a top of the line downrigger.This Scotty electric model is the top of the line in this series.  It boats a dual rod holder, fully electronic function, a sturdy permanent mount plate, a swivel base, heavy telescoping rod, and digital readouts.

Pros….. sturdy….. swivel base…. dual holder… digital

Cons…. no really any cons if this is the rig chosen

There are several models of electric downrigger presented by Scotty.  All of them are durable and user friendly.

Other Downriggers

There are a number of equipment options that are less known but capable of making a day on the water wonderful.

Brocraft Minnie

A downrigger cant be more simple than this.

This little fellow is compact and light weight with a durable mounting plate.  The rod does not extend.  The manual reel and drag site level.  Of the series we have seen, this is the least expensive model.  It would be fun for anyone fishing in shallow water, from a small boat.

Seahorse Minnie

The gimbal design puts this downrigger in a class alone.

Seahorse offers a full line of downriggers with this being the smallest.   The Minne has a side mounted reel, non-telescoping rod and a fairly great mounting system.  However, all Seahorse downriggers feature a gimbal base.  They move related to the need rod position and retrieve as well as to the angle of the gunwale.  This is an added feature make turning while trolling very easy.  The Seahorse Line of downriggers is the most expensive of all related models because all models have a gimbal base.



There are many downriggers on the market.  Cannon and Scotty are the best quality for a reasonable price.  You should know you boat, your catch and the water you are fishing as you decide with downrigger will be best for you.

Bilge Plugs Can Cause a Disaster So Install Them Properly

Bilge Plugs Can Cause a Disaster So Install Them Properly

Its true.  Bilge plugs can cause disaster.  More accurately, forgetting to install bilge plugs can cause disaster.  Friends of mine have sunk boats large and small by forgetting the bilge plug.  I have been running boats for 60 years.  Last week, I forgot the bilge plug.

Bilge Plugs Can Cause a Disaster

The Idea

My brother-in-law and I decided to spend a day on the water looking for bass.  We chose Lake calm bay ready for a boat with a bilge plugNacimiento in San Luis Obispo County in California for the excursion.  Boots towed the boat behind his truck.  I navigated.  We picked a weekday because weekenders and folks with kids weren’t likely to be on the lake.  As it turned out, we had the lake to ourselves.  That didn’t mean that the day on the lake would be easy.

The Trip

So early in the morning, at least for my brother-in-law, we started to the lake.  The first stop was to pick up the boat.  Halfway to the storage yard, I realized that I forgot the pin for the folding tongue no breakfast no bilge plugon the boat trailer.  So, we retraced our steps.  Once the boat was hitched, we decided to get breakfast.  Actually, it was really more like brunch.  At any rate, we drove around a popular restaurant  that never closes.  We circled a few times to find a spot big enough for truck and trailer.  Eventually, we parked and walked to the restaurant.  We had not noticed the closed sign as we circled the place.  No breakfast/brunch.  So back to the truck and back on the road.

The Inspection

The closed “always open” restaurant predictioned of the kind of day we were going to have.  After a nice, 90 minute ride through foothill, backroads we arrived at the lake anticipating launching at a gated community launch ramp where I happen to own property.  There were two gates.  We chose the wrong one.  So, we had to wind through the whole community to the other gate.  At the second gate, we were told that we would have to have a “zebra mussel inspection” before we could launch.  I knew this so I had everything in order for the inspection.  Being a cautious person, I carry a photo copy of my boat registration in case it gets wet.  The inspection station would not accept the photo copy.  Discouraged and not a little frustrated, I went to a back to the boat to check a bag I had thrown.  Thankfully, there was the original insurance!

I went back to the guard shack and was told that because I was not living in the community I could not launch my boat.  After some tense conversation, I found out that I could pay a launch fee on top of gate house inspection forgot to check the bilge plugthe zebra mussel inspection fee.  So, I gladly said I would pay the fee.  But ….. I emphasize but…. we could only pay with cash.   Yes, its true, between us we were $10 short on the total of the two fees.  But…. again I emphasize but… we  were told that there was an ATM at the first check point.  We got back in the truck, hauling the boat, and wound around to the first check point.  We found the ATM, got cash, and wound around back to the other check point.  Because we were zebra mussel free, we paid the fees and headed for the launch ramp.

The Launch

Boots is a skilled driver so the launch went smoothly.  Once off the trailer, I tied the boat to the dock and waited as he parked the truck and trailer and walked back to the dock.  The day was beautiful. Boots We were free of zebra mussels. And although we hadn’t eaten yet, the boat was in the water.  I started the motor.  When Boots arrived, we pushed off.  It took about 15 minutes to leave the dock once the boat was in the water.  We had food for a late brunch, fishing tackle, cold drinks.  We were off for a day of fishing.  Closed restaurants, zebra mussel inspections and trips to the ATM didn’t matter anymore.  We were on the water.

boat at the dock with no bilge plugClose to shore, moorings or docks, speed is usually restricted.  So, we moved out to the open lake at 5 mph.  Even at that speed, the boat seemed odd – it handled, well, like a boat.  At we accelerated to cruising speed, it dawned on me. I had forgotten, in all the confusion at the registration office, to put in the bilge plug.  The boat had been filling with water since coming off the trailer.  I turned around giving more throttle and headed back to the dock.  Fortunately, no more water could come in while the boat was in motion.  Narrowly missing a few recently launched boats, I installed the bilge plug while Boots retrieved the trailer.  We pulled the boat onto the trailer, took out the recently installed bilge plug, drained the water, relaunched the boat and, once again, headed out across the calm lake.  Oh yeah, we reinstalled the bilge plug before we relaunched the boat.

The Day

Once on the lake, we had a fantastic day.  I won’t mention the bilge pump that wouldn’t work.  Eventually, the trim control began working smoothly so the motor didn’t rise too far and cavitate.   I certainly don’t think anyone needs to know about the 45 minutes it took to get a fishing license at the local marina because the computer was slow.  Because the lake was like glass, we were able to get the boat up to 48 mph.  We cruised from the dam at one end of the lake through the narrows at the other end.  We trolled for several hours.  Boots got one massive hit, but his line broke.  Most likely, it broke for one of two reasons.  Either the fish was pretty big or the line was almost as old as us.  I prefer the latter explanation.  Realizing we hadn’t eaten, we pulled onto the shore on a beach in a narrow part of the lake.  We made ham and turkey sandwiches with chips and cold drinks.  Some visitors came down to the lake to drink.  Boots shared part of his sandwich with them.


The Moral

All my life, I have checked everything from gas to life preservers before heading out in a boat.  Except this time.  A tiny, forgotten bilge plug almost sank my boat and wrecked our day.  Next time, we’ll have breakfast before we leave.  We’ll carry cash.  I will install the bilge plug before hitching the trailer to the truck.  We can’t wait for another day on the lake with friends dropping by for lunch.

Always remember,  in life, never launch until you check your bilge plug.



Fishermen, Frustration, Shrinking Lakes

Fishermen, Frustration, Shrinking Lakes

Where’s the water?

Frustrated fishermen keep asking, ” Where’s the water?”  It’s a legitimate question.  Despite a lot of  rain last winter, central California is still suffering through low water levels.

This is my dock on a large lake in Central California.  The closest water is almost 3/4 mile from where this picture was taken.  The “full” level is the light brown line just below the trees.


fishermen frustrated on lake nacimiento

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The Best Fishing Lure

The Best Fishing Lure

The Best Lure Ever – In My Opinion

I have been fishing since I could walk.  At some point, I talked my Dad into buying me a fishing package advertised on a comic book…. 6 ft. rod, open-face spinning reel, plastic tackle box, stringer, bobber, a package of hooks and a plastic weight for casting.  I practiced casting in the yard for hours.  I decided I needed a lure to cast so I went to the local bait shop.  A wooden floating Rapala caught my eye.  Its still the best lure I have ever used.

Best lure rapala is the best lure


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Winterizing Boats

Winterizing Boats

Your boat is your most expensive piece of fishing equipment.  At the end of every fishing season, winterizing boats is important.  Proper winterization makes spring launching easier and  saves your boat from damage while sitting.

Winterizing Boats

Storing the Boat

for Wintering Boats
Sun Joe 14.5 amp Electric Pressure Washer

Your boat should be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, before being stored for the winter.  This is particularly important if it sat in the water all summer.  In fresh water, algae can grow on the hull.  Floating dirt gets caught in the algae.   If not cleaned, the hull will eventually stain.  Salt water can eat away metal fixtures and damage unprotected fiberglass and wood.

The boat has is covered with beer and food.  There are mud and sand deposits everywhere.  Often water saturates floor boards or carpet.   Food and beer can stain the floor and upholstery.  Moisture can cause mildew.

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State Parks, County Parks – Family Fishing Fun

State Parks, County Parks – Family Fishing Fun

State parks can provide great fishing.  We think of county and state parks as great places to hike, camp, picnic and play.  When there is a lake, there is so much more to do.  Type “state parks” or “county parks” into your browser.  You will probably find a list of parks, in your state, that offer fishing and boating.  These parks are accessible and inexpensive.  They can be a vacation destination out of state or a great day trip.  Fishing lodges and guided trips are great, but not a possibility for everyone.  Not everybody can get to an isolated lake or stream to fish.  Accessible fishing in parks can be fun for the family or someone who wants to get away for a few hours of fishing.

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Fishing Spots – Hard Walking, Better Fishing

Fishing Spots – Hard Walking, Better Fishing

Every fisherman wants to find hidden fishing spots with untouched water.  Anglers ask, “Is there a good fishing spot near me?”  It might be a rock sheltering fish in a creek.  A drop off near the shore of a lake may attract feeding fish.   A spring fed pond off the beaten trail attracts few people.   A boat makes it easy to find an isolated spot on a lake or river. On board electronics make it even easier.   On land, with so many people fishing, hidden fishing spots can be hard to find, but offer more fish.



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Stream Fishing – Challenging, Exciting, Peaceful

Stream Fishing – Challenging, Exciting, Peaceful

I love stream fishing in the spring.  Its too late fish spoons as water levels drops.  Its too early to have a lot of success with dry flies because of debris on the water.  But, choosing the right bait is pretty easy this time of year.  Almost anything will work.  There’s water in every stream.  The fun and challenge of stream fishing is reading the water and knowing where to find the fish.

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Boat Cover – Long Term Protection, Beware

Boat Cover – Long Term Protection, Beware

How do you store your boat?  Years ago, our porch became a boat house.  You may store your boat in a garage or undercover at a storage facility.  Over the last few years, I have stored my boat, in my yard, under a good boat cover.

Why a Boat Cover?

There are good reasons to store a boat, long term, under a boat cover.

  • Boat Covers are cheap compared to Storage.
  • Covered boats are easily stored in a yard and kept safe.
  • The cover can be removed quickly and applied all season long.
  • A cover can be opened to get something out of the boat.
  • One person can put on the cover.
  • The cover can stay on when the boat is moved.

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Fast Water Fishing- Spring Runoff Action

Fast Water Fishing- Spring Runoff Action

We’ve waited all winter for the chance to get into that stream or stand along the bank of that river.  Its time, but fast water from spring runoff can make things challenging and dangerous.

fast water fishing

Fast Water Means Safety First

We should think about safety when we think of the fun of fishing in spring runoff.  Ultimately, we want to be around to fish the rest of the year.

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Power Ice Augers – Effective, Heavy, Expensive

Power Ice Augers – Effective, Heavy, Expensive

If you are ice fishing, you need  a hole in the ice.  Most people use power ice augers.  What are the advantages to a power auger?  Are there any disadvantages?  Need more time to ice fish – start an online business for free.

Power Ice Augers – Effective?

Of course, power augers are effective.  They cut through the ice in seconds.  But there are things to keep in mind.

  • They are heavy. A snow machine, hand sled or several trips with equipment is needed.

    power ice augers
    Eskimo Stingray S33 8 inch $349.99 You Save: $45.74 (13% ) $304.25
  • They are noisy.  But, only while running.
  • They are finicky.  Test start your auger before you leave home.
  • They can pollute.  Make sure the gas cap is tight.  Use the right oil mixture.
  • They are dangerous.  Wrists can snap.  Clothing can get caught. Feet can get augered.
  • They are expensive.

The speed and ease of a power ice auger more than makes up for these issues.

There are a number of models of power augers ranging in price from $250  to over $1200.

Price is determined by cubic inch of the engine.  This determines the ease of drilling.  The size of the auger is also a factor in price.  Blades run from 6″ in diameter to 10″.  The larger the blade the bigger the hole.  Larger blades are more difficult to control.  An extension can be purchased for power ice augers.

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Ice Fishing Tip Ups – Ice Fishing Rods

Ice Fishing Tip Ups – Ice Fishing Rods

If you haven’t tried ice fishing, you don’t know what you are missing.  You can sit in a shack.  You can run between fishing holes.  Watching ice fishing tip ups or jigging with a rod, its just fun.

Inside or Outside

In a Shack

Ice fishing tip ups and rods are used in a fishing shack.  If a tip up is used, its generally set as a second line while a rod is used a few few feet away.

Rods makes more sense in a shack.  You don’t have to go very far to tend a line.

Know you ice fishing regulations.  Ontario, Canada allows two ice fishing lines per person. But, they must be 60 feet apart. This makes multiple lines in a fishing shack impossible.

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Catch, Release Policy- Maintaining Fish Stocks

Catch, Release Policy- Maintaining Fish Stocks

Fisheries have a catch and release policy to maintain fish stocks.

Keep Fish Jumping!!


Catch and Release

Policy Rationale

Catch and release helps the natural fish population continue to breed.  Healthy fish populations are important for lots of reasons.  They provide fun for  fisherman.  They are part of the local eco system.  They are a food for other animals.   Fisherman release fish to maintain the local population.

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Best Beginner Child’s Rod – Styles Available

Best Beginner Child’s Rod – Styles Available

 Kids can fish as soon as they can hold a rod.  Size is most important when choosing the best beginner rod for a child.

Best Beginner Rod Size

Holding the rod is the first step to fishing.  Watching me, my kids wanted to hold a rod although they didn’t really know why.   They were holding a rod long before they could cast.  I would cast and give them the rod.

A rod between 2 and 3 feet long seems the best size.  Its the right length to  handle easily.  Its long enough to play a fish.

child-fishing with beginner rod

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Lure Assortments- Fishing Fun

Lure Assortments- Fishing Fun

Fishermen love fishing tackle for a Christmas.  Single lures are great, but lure assortments are exciting.

Lure Assortment Value

The larger lure assortment the lower quality the lures.

Quality affects:

  • Action – the way the lure moves in the water.
  • Delivery – ease of casting
  • Durability – how long the lure lasts with normal use
  • Strike Success – how easily fish can take the lure

lure assortment

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