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The Best Fishing Lure

The Best Fishing Lure

The Best Lure Ever – In My Opinion

I have been fishing since I could walk.  At some point, I talked my Dad into buying me a fishing package advertised on a comic book…. 6 ft. rod, open-face spinning reel, plastic tackle box, stringer, bobber, a package of hooks and a plastic weight for casting.  I practiced casting in the yard for hours.  I decided I needed a lure to cast so I went to the local bait shop.  A wooden floating Rapala caught my eye.  Its still the best lure I have ever used.

Best lure rapala is the best lure


Rapala Original Floater

Rapala fishing lures have been around since the 1930’s when Lauri Rapala introduced the wooden minnow called the Original Floater.  This is the first lure I bought.  I don’t remember how much it cost, but I cut quite a few lawns to buy it.  I think my original lure was 3 ” long.  It was wooden with a medium bill and thin treble hooks.  The lure rans to 3′ down.  I still use that model in a number of ways for almost any kind of game fish.  Its the best lure I have.

On the Surface

check off the best lureThe original floater was made to run in shallow water, but it floated.  I found that on calm mornings, over weeds or in lilypads, retrieving the lure on the surface was deadly.  I would retrieve at varying speeds stopping and jiggling the stationary lure.  Extending my finger over the bail would cause the lure, as I started to retrieve again, to jerk while moving forward.  In warm water of up to 30 feet, surface retrieve worked.

Medium Depth Running

The bill on this lure created a dive of up 3 feet.  Casting over any kind of deeper cover with a  retrieve fast enough for depth is always productive.  I learned to stop the retrieve for just a second, not long enough for the lure to float upward. Then begin the retrieve with a fairly serious jerk.

Deeper Water

One summer I decided to use my Rapala to catch lake trout.  They were deep.  With a stiff boat rod and a bait casting reel, I dropped a lure using a make shift down-rigger.  I trolled as I rowed a small boat.  Success!! I learned that the Rapala worked at any depth.  I just needed to rig it for the depth I wanted to fish.

Salt Water

That same shape has always worked for me in salt water.  The smaller model is a killer during mackerel runs.  Large models, up to 7″, that are deeper diving work on stripped bass.  Jigging a small Rapala is a great way to bottom fish.  I always have several Rapalas in my salt water tackle box.  I use brighter colors in the ocean.  This Giant Firetiger is a great example.  Larger models attract any larger predators.

The best lure for deep see fishing.

Lots of Lures

Rapala Fishing Lures makes an entire series of models.  The variation on the original, that I like best, is the jointed minnow.  There is also a solid and jointed chad that is popular.  I don’t find
This jointed rapala is a best lure in my book.These are good but not the best lure. These work but they are not the best lure.

this lure as versatile as the original.  The rattle bait has become popular over the last ten years.  I find motion more important than sound in coaxing a strike.  Rapala also makes a jerk bait that comes in various sizes.  If retrieved properly, it can be a lot of fun.This a rapala but not the best lure for some reason.

I guess I just stick to what has worked and what is familiar.  Over the years I have tried all kinds of fishing systems.  I always come back to Rapala.  They make the best bass lure I have used.  The Original Floater is my favorite.

Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment section below.  What is your favorite lure?  Is it versatile?  How long have you been using it? 





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