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Downrigger Review Choose Fresh or Saltwater – They’re all fun.

Downrigger Review Choose Fresh or Saltwater – They’re all fun.

This guy needs a lot of things…. a bigger boat, a plan, a lifejacket and a downrigger just to name a few.  We all have our favorite fishing equipment brands.  Usually, they become our favorites by trial and error.  It’s helpful when someone tells us about a great product or when we read about something new.  Then all we have to do is give it a try.  This is no less true for something as common as downriggers.

Downrigger Review

This guy could have used a down rigger.

Cannon Downriggers

The biggest name in downriggers is Canon.  They make equipment for every size boat and every level of fishing experience.  The electric downriggers require an additional element of expertise. All the Cannon downriggers are rated for salt-water.

Cannon Mini Troll Downrigger

A manual downrigger is easy to use.

This is perhaps the smallest of the downriggers easily attached to the gunwale of a small boat.  It holds up to 150 of light steel line.  The clamp expands to 2 1/2 inches.  The reel is horizontal.

The mini-troll is exactly what the guy in the video needed for his canoe.


Pros  ………Inexpensive……….Lightweight…….Sturdy …….. goo for small canoes…..Easy to install

Cons……….Not useful on larger boats………Not useful in deep water

If you are looking for a rig for your canoe or small boat, the Mini-Troller may be perfect for you.  There are other manual downriggers offered by Canon.

Cannon Downrigger Kit

This downrigger kit contains everything you need.

The next step up in the manual downrigger series is the Uni-Troll.  This rig can be bought separately or in a kit.  The mount is easy but permanent.  In this model, there is a rod holder.  The kit comes with what is shown.  Although the 3 items are not particularly expensive in themselves, it is nice to purchase the bunch knowing that they will all work together.  The knock-off is pretty universal, but with the kit, you will have one.


Pro………Everything included but your bait ………Inexpensive………Sturdy

Cons ….. There aren’t any cons if you want a manual downrigger and related tackle.

Cannon Magnum Electric Series 

The electric downrigger adds accuracy.

Canon has a series of electric downriggers that vary in size and price.  This model is the least expensive of the magnum series.  This has a built in rod holder and all electric release and retrieve.  It has a permanent mount base.  It is as easy to hook into your boats electrical system as your fish finder. The Magnum series has models that provide for two rod holders.


Pros……Easy to use……..Easy to install…….Sturdy……..Large capacity reel….. electric

Cons……..Installation is permanent…….Higher cost…….Difficult to use manual override

This entire series is durable and easy to use.  I am, as they say, old school.  With the exception of my fish finder, I don’t use too many electronics because they become oversized sinkers with any loss of power.

Scotty Downriggers

Scotty offers an entire series of downriggers.  There is a model for almost every fishing application.  Generally, these units are lighter yet a bit more cumbersome to use than the Cannon models.  Durability may be a weakness.


This is a basic manual downrigger.

This lightweight downrigger clamps easily to the gunwale of a small boat.   There is no rod holder so a second piece of equipment would need to be added for the rod unless it is being held.  The horizonal reel can make retrieval a bit awkward, but the action is smooth with a manual drag system.  The rod length is adequate to keep bait off a small boat but will not work on a larger craft.


Pros….. inexpensive….. removable…. fully manual.

Cons……fully manual…. awkward reeling position…. very lightweight

This is certainly an adequate rig for a light boat or canoe used from time to time for a bit of trolling relaxation.

Depth King 

This downrigger has a rod holder.

The Depth King is an upgraded model of the Scotty Lake Troller featuring a rod holder and a permanent mounting system.  The rod is extendable.  This manual system is good for any sized boat, but the reel capacity is limited.


Pros….. Inexpensive….. sturdy mount….. rod holder….. telescoping rod

Cons……limited reel capacity….. awkward retrieval system

This manual upgrade is a good buy for the “sometimes”.  It is easily attached to any boat.  The rod holder means just one piece of equipment.  It also means less movement for a strike.

High Performance Electric


This is a top of the line downrigger.This Scotty electric model is the top of the line in this series.  It boats a dual rod holder, fully electronic function, a sturdy permanent mount plate, a swivel base, heavy telescoping rod, and digital readouts.

Pros….. sturdy….. swivel base…. dual holder… digital

Cons…. no really any cons if this is the rig chosen

There are several models of electric downrigger presented by Scotty.  All of them are durable and user friendly.

Other Downriggers

There are a number of equipment options that are less known but capable of making a day on the water wonderful.

Brocraft Minnie

A downrigger cant be more simple than this.

This little fellow is compact and light weight with a durable mounting plate.  The rod does not extend.  The manual reel and drag site level.  Of the series we have seen, this is the least expensive model.  It would be fun for anyone fishing in shallow water, from a small boat.

Seahorse Minnie

The gimbal design puts this downrigger in a class alone.

Seahorse offers a full line of downriggers with this being the smallest.   The Minne has a side mounted reel, non-telescoping rod and a fairly great mounting system.  However, all Seahorse downriggers feature a gimbal base.  They move related to the need rod position and retrieve as well as to the angle of the gunwale.  This is an added feature make turning while trolling very easy.  The Seahorse Line of downriggers is the most expensive of all related models because all models have a gimbal base.



There are many downriggers on the market.  Cannon and Scotty are the best quality for a reasonable price.  You should know you boat, your catch and the water you are fishing as you decide with downrigger will be best for you.

9 thoughts on “Downrigger Review Choose Fresh or Saltwater – They’re all fun.

  1. Thanks for taking time to read this article.  BC has some great lakes for fishing.  Give it a try,

  2. Hello, James.  I enjoyed reading your post.

    I, too, have never been much of a fishin guy.  I recall many years ago giving it a try.  I was young and looking for something to do and I thought fishing might be something I could do.  Didn’t take a lot of energy, you did it in quiet places (which I like) and it wasn’t all that expensive to get started.

    It didn’t go quite as I planned and I haven’t thought about it much since.  But things change.

    My wife and I are planning a big move up to ake country in our amazing province of British Columbia.  There are a lot of lakes up there and, now that I am retired I will have some time on my hands to give it another go.  I could even go ice fishing.

    I love to canoe, taking in the beauty of God’s Creation so it would be a logical ad on and a downrigger like your first offering would free up my hands to do a little paddling while waiting for a bite.

    I have no idea what the fishing is like in the Caribou (although I’m sure it’s amazing with all those lakes), but I’m sure there is someone there who would be happy to show me around.


  3. I am sure you would get as much pleasure from fishing now as when you were a kid.  Thanks for reading this article.

  4. Do anything, if you have good equipment, you can do much better. When I was young, I loved fishing. Every winter and summer vacation, I went to my aunt’s home to fish. They had a large pond. I have never go to the sea or big lakes for fishing because I didn’t live near the sea. I haven’t gone fishing for a long time. Thanks for your sharing, it makes me know that there are so many gears for fishing.

  5. Great explanation of the many types of downriggers available. I used to love trolling for the big Jackfish when I was a kid. My uncle had a cabin between two lakes when I was a kid growing up in Northern Manitoba. We used to call them Jackfish and Pickerel and I guess the rest of the country calls them Pike and Walleye.

    I don’t even know if they had downriggers back in the 1950s but if they did they sure would’ve come in handy. Some of those big Jacks would darn near pull me off the boat into the water.

    These days I’m a fly fisherman going after the fiesty Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout in the mountain rivers and creeks of Western Alberta. Don’t have a need for outriggers, but an interesting post to read nonetheless.

  6. Hello. Thanks for sharing with us such an amazing fishing equipments.

    I have two friends and together we are going to fishing in different places in our country like mountain rivers, natural or private lakes. We are from Romania and next year we want to go fishing in Black Sea. We will want to take a small boat but we find that there is no downriggers.

    I see here that canon small downrigger which is perfect. For our boat and our beginner experience by fishing on the sea is just perfect this product.  The 69$ price is very cheap considering that we are 3 guys and all of us we will contribute.

    Thanks a lot and wish you all the best! Hope to see more fishing articles.

  7. Any kind of fishing is fun so off a dock is great.  Downriggers are only used to pull a bait behind a moving boat in deep water.  The rod holder holds the rod so that the person fishing can drive the boat.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Keep on fishin’.

  8. I would never have guessed that you would need these for fishing.  I am guess here do these like help to stabilize the boat as you are out on the water and driving around.  I am not a fishing person that goes out on a weekly basis.  To tell you the truth I fish off a dock as I don’t know anyone with a boat to go out on a lake or the ocean for that matter.  So I guess the really big question is why have these with a rod holder as well.  I always hold on to the fishing rod so I can make sure I hook onto a fish.  I will be checking back on your site to see how really dumb I am about this equipment but hope you can point me in the right direction in what they do.  Thank you


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