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Impact of the COVID 19 Changed Fishing

Impact of the COVID 19 Changed Fishing

I fish throughout the year.  Each month offers a different species in a different place.  I usually have my boat serviced in February.   For me at least, the impact of COVID 19 changed fishing this year.

The Impact of COVID 19 Changed my Summer

My boat is where I parked it after my last fishing trip in early February.  My motor home is right in front of the boat.  That hasn’t been moved since late November.  I should tell you that my wife won’t let me take the boat out by myself anymore, now that I am old.  With COVID 19 around, it was tough to find someone to fish with.  The impact of COV19 changed my summer.  We had planned to camp in several different parks.  Instead, we stayed home.  I had hoped to spend the summer fishing on a lake in Southern California.  I stayed home.  I did prepare for fishing next year.

With the Impact of COVID 19 Limiting Fishing

I repair lures.

Although modern lures are fairly inexpensive, I use older models as much as I can.  This means that impact of CPVid19paint chips over the years.  Swivels bend.  Treble hooks loose their points.  So this summer, when I couldn’t fish, I repaired lures.  I need to use a fly tying mirror now.  The work is tiny but I enjoy it.  I replace the split rings at the head of the lure and at the tail.  If paint is chipped, I touch it up.  Sometimes, even the depth planes on the lures need to be straightened or sanded.  When I find a lure that works, I stick with it.  Most of the old lures I have are balanced better than new models. So I repair then.

I replace line.

impact of COVID 19
8 lb. Trilene

As much as I love fishing, I love saving money more.  I am one of those people who buy 300 miles of monofilament line for $2.  Its a pain when it kinks, but its cheap.  Because its cheap, I change out all the line on my reels every year.  I place a fair bit of heavy clothe line on the real first and then fill the spool.  I use 6, 8 and 10 pound test depending on the rod and reel.  I have weighted line for trolling.  That doesn’t get changed every often.  I have some 4 pound line that I use on micro tackle for fun with small trout.  This is also changed every year.  I simply pound a 8 inch nail into a board, set the spool on the nail and wind away.  Tension is kept on the line just before the reel so the spool is tight.  If you’re not fishing, you can do this watching others fish on TV.

I tune up my reels.

Impact pf covid 19
AbuGarcia TuneUP Kit

Reels end up in the drink from time to time.  They are hauled around through brush, mud, dust and sand.  Nuts loosen.  Bails can be misshapen.  Brakes don’t brake.  The reel can sound like a coffee grinder.  Line can be spun around the spindle and choke the reel.  Reels are simple to tune up.  Remove the drag nut.  Then lift away the spool. You can now see the entire reel.  The break should have tension on it.  The spindle that the spool rides on should be free from line and slightly greased.  The body of the reel where the spool seats should be clean of grit, twigs, goop and old grease.  A rag soaked in some forn of grease cutter will clean all the parts. Then 3 in one oil or light sewing machine oil can be applied to the spindle and other move parts.  When all the nuts are tight and the reel is back together, your tune up is finished.

I fix my rods.

Impact of Covid 19
fDWLifeRod Repair Kit

I hat to admit it but sometimes I break a rod tip.  The odd time a line guide will get pulled of flattened. If I like the feel of a rod, I would rather repair it that put it aside.  If a few inches of the rod has been broken, in my opinion its junk because the balance for casting is gone.  But often, just the tip is broken.  Then, its a matter of getting the right tip and the proper glue to repair the rod. The glue is heated and spread over the rod tip.  Right away, the new rod tip is slipped on and left to harden.  Its important to make sure that the eye on the tip is the right position.  Similar kits can be found to repair line guides.  They are a bit more tricky to install but kits made for that purpose help.  Eyes certainly can be glued on, but for a permanent, better looking job, guides added with thread and lacquer are the best.

I Check Other Equipment

the impact of COV10
First Alarm Mrine Extinquisher

While the Impact of COV19 has curtailed fishing, I figure I might as well check all my equipment.  I check some superficial things on the boat, but generally take it to a marina for an annual overhaul. I make sure the bilge pump works. I check the running lights.  I check the blower.  Even the fire extinquisher is checked.  Ropes need to be checked and wrapped.  Boat Bumpers need to be clean with new harness.  Life jackets should be washed and free from mildew.  Everything related to fishing can be checked when there is no fishing.  I even clean my anchor,

I Clean My Tackle Box

impact of COVID19
KastKing Tackle Bag

From old gum wrappers to petrified worms to spilled split shots, my tackle box is a mess at the end of every season.  I had started using a cloth bag with plastic inserts for each type of take I hve.  This makes it pretty easy to clean.  There is little work, when starting to fish, to have line wrapped through 5 or 6 lures with a hook on one end stuff in the bag.  These things can be fix before the season or because of the impact of COV19.


For many of us, this summer has been disappoint because the impact of COV19 prevented us from fishing.  I passed the time working on my equipment.  It was fun.  I feel ready for the winter season.  Who know, even a little less pressure on the fish because of the impact of COV19 might make fishing better in the future.

I Recuperate.

After a full day fishing or a day just working on my equipment, my joints ache. I want to relax but sometimes ache so much I can’t.  I have started rubbing CBD on my fingers and elbows for almost instant relief.  If I want to keep on work I can.  Give this a try.  Its full spectrum CBD extracted from USA grown hemp.  I cures what ails ya.






8 thoughts on “Impact of the COVID 19 Changed Fishing

  1. Fishing provides a lot of nutritious food for millions of individuals around the globe and livelihoods for over 15% of the world’s population. All aspects of fish and its supply chains are strongly affected by the pandemic, with jobs, incomes and food security at risk. With a well written article as this to educate us the impact of covid19 on fishing. I think government, industries and individuals responses are seriously needed to address and curb the immediate economic and social hardships that the crisis is provoking in the fish sector. Thanks for putting this through.

  2. Greetings!Thanks very much for this very interesting article!

    Sorry to hear how badly the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your lifestyle. I wish we could read more stories from all walks of life, “hear” how everyone has been affected, how they are coping or holding out, and how they plan to move forward.

    I wonder if the motor parts of your fishing vehicles have not been affected by the lengthy parking.

    But maybe thinking positively, there could be such a regeneration of Nature caused by the pause in human activities. There could be such an increase in fish numbers! There is likely to be a return to near normal, of endangered fish species. There could even be a resurgence of fish species that were assumed extinct!!

    Warmest regards.

    1. The regeneration of nature has been seen around the world.  I am afraid it will be lost as we begin to Iive full steam again.  Thanks for taking the time to write.

  3. It is a good idea to put together this article, to be sincere, covid 19 has affected a while lot of things generally and one of them is fishing. I’m actually not a regular Fisher but I do go on fishing trips with my dad  sometimes. It’s good to read the this article, repairing your equipments is a my e thing to do.

  4. I think you are right about how covid 19 changed the way we fish and it I probably think the fishing area was not the only thing that got affected. It’s good that you can tell us about you and how you do your fishing too during this time. I would be more constant on your website.

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