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New Ice Fishing Gear 2021 Needed

New Ice Fishing Gear 2021 Needed

Halloween decoration have been in stores for two months.  Thanksgiving decorations are up.  This means that its time to start thinking about ice fishing and new ice fishing gear.

Ice Fishing Tip-up Rigs

Traditional Rigs

If you need one, you need 3.  Don’t exceed the rod limit.  These tips ups are basic but keep.  With a hit, they  new ice fishing gear includes tip-upsspool out line until you get to them.  You even get a minnow net.  Add a little bell to the arm so you don’t have to watch.  Tip-ups are as old as forever.  They’re simple and effective.  Just cut the hole in the ice and place the rig.


To purchase an item, click on the image.  Find items using the search bar that opens.


Thermal Rigs

Thermal Tip-Up Rigs protect the arm and line link from the extreme cold.  This one covers a 10″ hole.   This can be part of your new ice fishing gearWith thermal or traditional. you have to lift the tip-up to pull in the fish.  Its a little bit more difficult to check your bait with a thermal because you just can’t pull the line.  With the wooden center post, its a little more difficult to lift.  Many people say the the wind can’t move a thermal rig.  They are neat, but too complex for me.  I have fished a lot in the sub-attic and never had a traditional tip-up fail.  Lots of people are switching to this modern rig.


Ice Fishing Railold new ice fishing gear

If you have been ice fishing for a long time, you might want to use one of these again.  About 60 years ago, my father-in-law made his own ice fishing rail after he saw one in a sporting goods store.  I inherited two from him and used them for years.  They go over a huge hole.   The ice does not have to be flat for them to function.  Because the flag is released only when the spool turns, there are very few false alerts.  These are cumbersome to carry.  The flag release does need to be clear of ice.  You may need an ice fishing rail as part of your new ice fishing gear 2020.

Rod Holder Tip-up

a rod and holder are important new ice fishing equipmentIf you are like me, you like to play fish with a rod.  For ice fishing I like an an ultra light is a nice piece of new ice fishing gearultra light, but any rod will do.  If I am jigging, I have to hold the rod.  Just waiting, I set the rod down.  Before, I always propped my rod on a forked stick so I could see movement.  Now there’s a tip-up rod holder that does it all.  You can easily grab your rod to play the fish.  No hand over hand reeling.  I think its more fun to land a fish through the ice with a rod than by just pulling line.

Ice Fishing Gloves

gloves are new ice fishing gearWhen I started ice fishing, I wore regular gloves.  If I had a bit, the gloves came off.  My hands froze.  There are lots of styles of ice fishing gloves that are water proof.   If you don’t intend to completely soak your hands, water resistance gloves work well.  There are three finger pairs for added warmth.  Pull-back mittens make baiting a hook easy without taking off your gloves.  Cold hands can ruin a fishing trip.  A pair fishing gloves is a good idea.

Ice Fishing Footwear

Boots are important new ice fishing equipmentIf you are ice fishing, you are standing on ice or snow covered ice.  You need warm Cleats can be new fishing  Sorel makes a heavy, insulated boot great for hiking through snow.  You will also be comfortable standing around on the ice waiting for a hit.  They are great for slogging through mud that’s not too deep.    Even wearing heavy warm, water pants, falling on the ice can hurt and soak you.  If you are walking on flat ice, you might want to wear cleats.  There are different harnesses, latches, grips and materials.  Cleats are easy to carry in a back pack.  They are inexpensive.  Why not carry a pair just in case?

Other Things You Need

Ice Auger

new fishing equipment choiceYou need an ice auger to cut the ice.  There are lots of power augers.  Many people think power Get this with new ice fishing gearaugers are too heavy and noisy.  People often carry hand augers in case the power auger fails.  Power augers make things a lot easier once you’re on the ice.  I have always used an ice chisel.  Its a bit of work, but there is no chance of getting gas or oil in the fishing hole.  They are easy to carry and don’t break down.  But, without a wrist strap, they do shoot out of sight in a hole pretty quickly.  A hand auger is light but bulky to carry.  They do a great job cutting through the ice once the hole is started.

Slush Scoop

A scoop should be in your new ice fishing equipmentKeeping your ice fishing hole slush free is important.  When you think of new ice fishing equipment, you need to think slush scoop.  There are plastic scoops and metal scoops.  Personally, I like to use a completely metal ladle with about a 10-12″ metal scoop.  Because slush and ice can be heavy, a sturdy handle is best.

Folding Chair

This is good piece of new ice fishing equipmentYou can sit on a tackle box.  A log is a good idea.  I started carrying a light folding chair made of clothes to be comfortable.  It straps on top of a back pack and is not affected by cold, water or snow.

This is the basic new ice fishing gear you should consider  when you are thinking of new ice fishing 2020.  Make a check list of everything you want to take for a day on the ice, now.  Add to it when you think of something.  Hopefully, you won’t out on the ice and realize you forgot something.

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18 thoughts on “New Ice Fishing Gear 2021 Needed

  1. If you live where there is snow and fish year round, you need most of this stuff and more.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. This is a great list of all the Ice Fishing equipment that you need to go fishing on ice. My husband loves fishing, nut normally it would be fly fishing or fishing off the beach and rocks as we do not live in an area where the lakes would freeze in the winter. The equipment seems to be quite technical and would be essential for anybody that does ice fishing. 

  3. Give it a try if you ever travel somewhere with a frozen lake.  Its really fun if the fish are biting. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Actually, I am only able to ice few a few times annually now because where I live, but I love it.  My wife does not. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Hi James, Your article “New Ice Fishing Gear 2021 Needed” is a really excellent description of all the items of equipment one might need to go Ice Fishing. Being from Australia, I have only ever fished in the Pacific and often thought that people who fish through ice must be crazy! I can see now that Ice Fishing is a fairly technical activity needing some quite complicated equipment. Nevertheless, I shall leave it to those hardier than me to undertake. 

  6. Hi James, thank you so much for sharing this article with us today on new ice fishing gear. So very handy indeed to have all product you need to be lined up. My husband is a big fisherman, he actually is a professional fisherman, but he still loves fishing in his spare time.

    I will bookmark this article and share it with him. However we live in the tropics, and we can’t do ice fishing, I save this article for future reference as this is excellent info for him when he can fly again and go on a fishing trip oversees.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, I appreciate it.


  7. It is really nice of you to share this amazing article here, buying things can be really tricky sometimes that’s is why I always love to read about whatever I need to buy especially If it’s gonna be online, it’ll help me know which and which is good. This has been really resourceful. Thanks for sharing

  8. My father and father-in-law both left me home made ice fishing equipment.  I don’t use it any more because it’s kind of folk art.  You should try ice fishing sometime.  It can be as exciting as watching grass grow or it can be non-stop running around tending lines.  Thanks for commenting.

  9. Hi James, I found this a very interesting article. I’ve never been ice fishing but I do love to fish and had often wondered how you would cope with cutting a hole and setting a line. All these products sound sensible and must have. You make it very easy to be properly equipped to enjoy this sport.

    I can tell you have been doing this for a long time. It was great that your father gave you some gear. Hopefully, it won’t disappear down the hole!

  10. I didn’t write anything about warm clothes, but be sure to wear layers.  Maybe that’s my next article.  Thanks for commenting.

  11. Really nice to see this information about ice fishing and the nice equipments that are available for ice fishing too. I think they are all equipments that I would be willing to give a try especially seeing that the time for that is getting nearer. Maybe the gloves and the ice fishing rigs also seek like a thing I’ll need too.

  12. Hello James, 

    I all my time of experience with outdoor activities, I have come to understand that having the right gears and tools would always make things fun and easier for you. Ice fishing is an actually cool thing to do and it’s funny how I’ve been really tried it before. However, I will be glad to bookmark this article so I can come back to it for reference when I’ll be willing to go ice fishing 

  13. Well! For the first thing, I don’t really do too well with cold and that Is the readin I have never considered fishing in the falls before but it makes sense to see this icee fishing stuff here. Well, it I can I will try it as it seems adventurous to me and it could be a lot of fun considering we have to be careful at it too. Thanks

  14. I have never been ice fishing but I have been fishing with family in Poland when I have visited. We used lures when fishing there and I learned that choosing the right lure is essential. I chose the wrong type and I failed to catch anything, with the right lure I was a little bit more successful.

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