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Fishing Equipment – Practical – Expensive?

Fishing Equipment – Practical – Expensive?

So you want to buy fishing equipment?

fishing equipment

Fishing Equipment

 Expensive or Practical

Should you buy an expensive lure or a package of lures for the same price? Should you by a high end rod or a rod and reel combo for the same price?

Familiar or Novel

Should you buy something that is familiar …. a replacement reel, for example or something novel?

Will the novel item be used?  Will a familiar item be boring?


These questions will help you figure out what to buy.

  Where do you fish?

For rugged fishing, less expensive gift is in order. There is no crying over breakage.  If fishing is over a bottom with logs, rocks and weeds, a practical gift is good.  There is no crying over snags.

  Who’s going fishing?                                                

An expensive gift is best for fishing with friends.  It will impress them.  For fishing with the boss, an expensive gift won’t matter.  The boss already has every piece of expensive equipment there is.

What are you fishing for?  

You don’t need expensive equipment for larger fish.  You need reliable equipment.  Reliable equipment is usually expensive.  If large are the goal, expensive gifts are appropriate. They help avoid “the one that got away stories” because of broken line, snapped rods or jammed reels.

How long does your equipment last?  

An expensive gift is good for someone who takes care of their equipment.  If equipment is neglected or lost, an inexpensive gift is best.

Why are you buying this?  

If you want to impress with your fishing gear, then buy the most expensive rod or reel you can find.  If you are buying primarily to make fishing more enjoyable, then  buy the piece of equipment that fits the person. 


Take a moment to write your thoughts about giving fishing equipment as a holiday gift.  Use the comment section below.  Would you go expensive or practical?

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