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Telescoping Rod – Under Appreciated – Under Used

Telescoping Rod – Under Appreciated – Under Used


Some fishing purists laugh at the idea of a telescoping rod.  I think they are practical, easy to carry and durable.  You can choose the rod flex as with any rod.

Telescoping Rod – Have One?

For the Beginner

My daughter gave me a telescoping rod many years ago.  They’re for beginners.  Right?  That’s not me.  Do you have one?

Carry-on luggage changed my mind.  I just won’t pay $25 for an airline to ship my rod.   The reel fits in the carry-on and, now, so does my rod at no charge.

Telescoping rods are for the beginner and for the practical.

           Rods for all Occasions

Retailer selling fishing equipment carry telescoping rods for all types of fishing.  Of course, extended length will dictate collapsed length.


Telescoping or Travel

Travel rods break down into several pieces.  From grip to tip, each piece is shorter than a collapsed telescoping rod.  Many people prefer the action of a travel rod over a telescoping rod.

The travel rod requires a case to keep all the parts together.  This case usually provides storage for the reel as well.

The travel rod has the disadvantage of parts to be lost.  It is not as compact as the telescoping rod.

On a new stream or river, or on the lake or in the ocean, a medium weight telescoping rod is more versatile than the travel rod.  One size can fit all.

All rods can cost as much as someone is willing to pay.  Telescoping rods tend to be less expensive than comparable travel rods.

Be Careful!

Telescoping rods are difficult to fix if broken.

Only the tip can be easily replaced because nesting eyes are hard to find.  If pulled too hard, sections will pull apart and cannot easily be reconnected.  If a section breaks, the rod is ruined.

A telescoping rod can break.
A Telescoping rod can breaks.

Telescoping rods are strong and versatile, but must be used carefully.

Telescoping or Not

Should you buy a telescoping rod for yourself or as a Christmas gift? Here are a few things to think about.

    • Do you fly a lot to fish?
    • Do you backpack to fish?
    • Do you fish in overgrown areas?
    • Do you only carry one rod when you fish?
    • Do you carry lots of equipment when you fish?

If you answered, “No” to most of these questions, you probably don’t need a collapsing rod.  But, you never know so keep one on hand.

Take a moment to leave a comment below.  Do you have a telescoping rod?  Would you ever use one?

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