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Lure Assortments- Fishing Fun

Lure Assortments- Fishing Fun

Fishermen love fishing tackle for a Christmas.  Single lures are great, but lure assortments are exciting.

Lure Assortment Value

The larger lure assortment the lower quality the lures.

Quality affects:

  • Action – the way the lure moves in the water.
  • Delivery – ease of casting
  • Durability – how long the lure lasts with normal use
  • Strike Success – how easily fish can take the lure

lure assortment

swim bait assortment
Maoka 4 pcs. swim bait lure assortment


Mepp’s 3pc trout spinner pac
assorted crank baits
Assorted Crankbaits


Salt Fish 6 pc spinner bait lure assortment
Fishing Lure’s Artificial Minnow Lure Assortment
Straw & Fishing Lure Assortment
wLure’s Top Water Frog Lure Assortment

Different Lure Assortments

Everyone has a favorite lure for each fishing spot.

Catch a few fish on a lure and its the favorite.   Assortments have many favorite lures.  There are lure assortments for every kind of fishing.

trout fishing assortment
Flies Direct’s Trout Fishing Assortment
Outdoor Planets 10pc Waterproof Fly Box


Wild Water’s 60 Assorted Fly Case


Some lure packs are very expensive.  You hate to loose the lures.

salt water lure assortment
Yogyet’s 10pc Saltwater Crankbait Lure Assortment
High Roller Fresh & Saltwater Lure Assortment




Maoka’s 4 PC Saltwater Crank Bait Set



Other sets are very inexpensive.  Expensive or not  is based on personal preference.  Some say, “The more lures the merrier.” But, other fishermen think that  a few quality lures are best.  You decide.


Great Christmas Gifts

Any one who loves fishing loves lures for Christmas.  Assortments fill up tackle boxes.  They provide plenty of “favorites”.  They eliminate frustration as lures as lures are lost.

The assortments on this page are examples of hundreds of assortments.  Click an assortment to purchase or scroll to see other choices.  To purchase any item, enter that item into the search bar.

Take a moment to share your thoughts about this page.  Do you like fishing gifts?  Would you like one expensive lure or a cheaper lure assortment?

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