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Special Needs Kids Get a Fishing Gift From a Stranger

Special Needs Kids Get a Fishing Gift From a Stranger

No one will ever know who this stranger was who bought a great gift for special needs kids.


A Guy Buys Fishing Rods

     I was just talking with a guy today who is not really into fishing.  As a matter of fact, his thing is race cars. He builds them and races them.  But, he went into a hardware store recently and saw a bunch of last year model rods and reels on sale.  He bought the lot thinking that he could find a way to donate them to needy kids or special needs kids.

Maybe Special Needs Kids Could Use Them 

    When I talked with him, he had not found an organization that would take the rods.  I told him to talk with the state agency in his area that assists developmentally disabled kids and adults.  They would probably be happy to distribute the rods when providing free fishing licenses.

There are service clubs that provide all kinds of things when asked.  Many faith communities offer help to those in need. But, individuals who think to help, like this guy, seem to be few and far between.  I tend to think, “There imust be someplace where they can apply for something like that.”

Lessons Learned

What a great idea.  This guy didn’t even like fishing, but realized the value of a fishing trip with friends or family.  I learned two lessons.  

  1. This guy taught me that people recognize some kind of therapeutic value in fishing.  Maybe Norman Rockwell raised our consciousness about fishing more than he realized with his scene of the boy on the hill with the stick fishing pole.

    Special needs kids enjoy fishing like any kid.
    Special needs kids are like any other kid. They love to fish.

  2. The second thing this guy taught me was to always be open to opportunities to help.  Would I ever think of buying a bunch of cheap basketballs to donate?  Probably not before meeting this guy.  Now, I might be likely to recognize an opportunity.  

Maybe there is something more important than fishing…… helping.

Take a moment to leave a comment below.  What have you done lately to help?


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